FEATURE REQUEST: new hotkeys to simplify combat for non-pro players

I really like Age of Empires IV and play way too much. I have a feature request for November 14 DLC, a suggestion for new hotkeys which would greatly simplify combat for non-pro players.

9 new hotkeys and 1 checkbox:

  1. Select all barracks units
  2. Select all barracks units on screen
  3. Select all range units
  4. Select all range units on screen
  5. Select all stable units
  6. Select all stable units on screen
  7. Select all siege units
  8. Select all siege units on screen
  9. Select all military units not in a control group

And a new toggable settings checkbox: Include Scout(s) in military units

Finally, while at it, a new attack move command making units ignore buildings when choosing target would also help simplify combat for us non-pro players.

Hope someone from RELIC reads this and like the idea, would be awesome if you implement them!



What they did is make the units prioritize attacking the units rather than the buildings, and I think that solved the problem; this in favor of improving the hotkeys and I have made some proposals