[Feature Request] Option to Select Original AoK Campaign Narration

Nostalgia request

  • Add a checkbox/toggle for each AoK campaign that would enable the original AoK narration and illustrations.
  • Would be even better if narration and illustrations each had their own toggle allowing for hybrids (ex. AoK narration with DE visuals)

I know there’s a mod to swap the voices/illustrations but it would be great if this were just part of the game.

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I mean, it wouldn’t hurt, but, as you said, there are mods for that and mods in this game are REALLY easy to install, so I don’t think it’s needed

The original artwork mod imo looks bad. It looks like a piece of paper cut and pasted over a different kind of sheet.

I agree with you. The new illustrations are better. I think a lot of long-term fans prefer the original voicing though. That’s why I think a hybrid option would be cool.

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No no, don’t get me wrong. I prefer the old artwork over the new by far. What I mean is that the mod that replaces the new artwork with the old one makes it look bad because of the “cut and pasted” resulting aspect.

Yeah, you’re right, it definitely does have a copy/paste look.