[Feature Request][poll] Double click selects only one type of vills

I’d propose if you double click a builder, you select all builders. Double click a farmer, you select all farmers. Etcetera. Would be great if you could double click an idler and select all idlers.

I’d actually use this feature, whereas it’s extremely rare for the current villager double-click behaviour to be useful.
It would even make certain commands possible which are currently impossible, such as selecting a group of hunters without selecting the intermingling farmers.

  • I’d like this feature
  • I wouldn’t care either way
  • I prefer the current behaviour
  • I’d prefer something else (detail below)

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That’s a great idea! I would make it a ctrl+double click feature though.

I would like an Option to enable a “safe mode” so with that checked you can only double click vills if you hold Shift. Most of the times double clicking vills is accidental and messes up your game.

But your suggestion would also help in some situations.

Good idea, if optional.

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