[feature request] Pontoon bridges (Sea bridge). Persian tech

How cool would it be to build sea bridges?! (one tile at a time like building walls but allowing you to transport land units over sea). Like the bridge that Persia made to Greece! It would be great for team islands maps! My initial thoughts are that it would be like a sea wall, but fairly easily destructable like a palisade wall, and take a long time to build, probably in late imp (requires expensive research, not as expensive as spies). Persia was only capable of this because of their extreme wealth.
Probably costing ~500 wood per tile. It could also be a Persian unique tech.


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wow i like this idea but 500 wood per tile, maybe it has a lot of hp? or if u destroy what it makes it connected to land the bridge will fall? Also it is way too op but i am sure it will be balanced out somehow

Well you only want this to come out in late game I’d say. This is why I think 500 wood is in the ballpark. The Persians basically strapped boats together and sent elephants across it. It should also require a tech upgrade, similar to the bombard tower upgrade so you can place it. Making it Persian only would make it even more tempting to go Persia on island maps. On island maps wood would be scarce at this stage of the game. Perhaps it would begin to atrophy over time if cut off from land.