[Feature Request] recorded game files backwards compatibility

Let us assume for a moment that the codebase of the game is nice, clean and well documented (or if it’s not that it will be refactored until it is).

One possible way of achieving backward recorded game file compatibility would be to have the game keep one .dat fileset per version around and then in the code, define a GameRules Interface and have each version implement that Interface.

Inheritance and method overloading could be utilized to not have to duplicate unchanged rules in newer versions.

All game-logic specific code (e.g. damage calculations, pathing algorithms, unit behavior, targeting priorities and whatnot) would need to be encapsulated in the GameRules implementation class of each version.

The recorded-games-viewer inside the game could then simply grab the version number from the replay file, load the appropriate .dat fileset and instantiate the appropriate GameRules object and everything would “just work” from there.

I keep my fingers crossed, hoping that something like this will be implemented in the future.


Totally agree.
Tournament games for example can only be watched for about a month due to new update or hotfix, which makes recorded game database pretty much useless.

I would also request seeking to a particular minute in a replay (I have heard some saying it’s impossible). For example, if the game starts at 30 mins, I would like to go to 30 mins and see the action instead of fast forwarding and waiting for 30 mins.

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It would be very nice! I heard about this issue from lots of friends. We love to watch older games, analysis them or just remember how we played a year ago. It’s fun. Furthermore, now we are playing a 3v3 national cup and I could not watch a game from 1 week ago to analyse our future opponents, and it is annoying.

Definitely possible. CaptureAge Pro already has this feature, as we have seen in Hidden Cup 4.

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@GMEvangelos It would be great if you could consider this request. Or explain why it is impractical.

I was so happy when I watched that too!

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