Feature request: Require benchmark score for custom lobby

Hi guys!

I have a feature request, regarding the problems with some players being unable to run the game:

Custom lobby creators are able to put a variable benchmark score as a requirement for joining the lobby.

Currently anyone can join custom lobbies.
If I play casually with friends, I find it inpolite to kick people after joining, because they don’t have the benchmark pass (or the rank board doesn’t fetch Kekw).
Also the score can be set according to the map, a 3x3 Arabia is much less demanding than a 4x4 black forest.


edit: same goes for ranking points as a requirement

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Maybe people then ask for a higher benchmark score test for ranked team games, because now poor computer pass the test and people cause lag like crazy.

Also there are tools to circumvent the benchmark test, see GitHub - gregstein/SenseiDE: Unleash The Ultimate Performance from Age of Empires 2 Definitive
This tool is not necessarily made with bad intention, but it lead to some people passing the benachmark test.
While the tool increases the overall performance, it primarily boosts the benchmark score, but doesn’t speed up the game simulation speed, needed for late game.

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only problem is player can choose to lag game if they know how, rank or non ranked.

though it is a needed feature for unranked lobbies, I’d rather they fix it so where only laggers lag themselves while others unaffected.

That would be kind of funny. They would probably lose all their fights, because they can’t micro, and the rest of the game moves on without them.

well they’d lag normally to themselves, and players who lag and still plays seemed fine with it so they probably are okay.

its the other players who lag with them. I was told that there maybe a way to not lag the animation, but the UI would still lag (including player commands).