[Feature request] Revolution only games

I think that’s pretty simple on terms of coding, but now that a DLC is coming, what about making the game limited to revolutions and forbid going imperial?

Edit: when I did the proposal, I didn’t though that only Europeans can revolt. So, yes, It would be a European game mode only.


Or make a game Mode called revolution where you would start with 5 to 7 citizens and a revolution from the civ you chose


That would be cool actually

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If you want to see more of a revolutionary state emerge, you can start the revolution in 3ages. But why aren’t those ideas considered at all?

u can forbid going imperial atm

That would kill non-europeans civs.

But yeah, I though rev. were fun and definitively would have a blast only playing rev. civs games.
Maybe if you chose a revolution at the start of the game and use it at first age? (so a game mode, yes)

Actually, I do hope this is what the DLC is about and not a USA civ…

Its more of a fun game Mode like deathmatch or King of the Hill or regicide than a regular game Mode.


Yes, but if you limit to Industrial, you can’t revolt

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Would be interesting if the DLC coming up was about this, giving every civ the ability to revolt.

I think its a mechanic that could work

The Native civs that do not have revolution could just have a Tupac Revolt button, just as revolution that would turn their vils and units into other units (this would be obviously temporary)

Inca - Tupac Revolt
Aztec - Tlaxcalan Revolt (it would turn Azzys units into Conquistadors, Musketeer, skirms Lancers and light cannons).
Lakota - maybe @AnaWinters could help in this matter
Hauds - also not familiar with their history or revolt

The Asian Civs could have a Revolt/Revolution in the same sense that there are european revolutions, but with only one option and a special deck

Chinese - Boxer Rebellion (all vills turn into legendary rattan shields. All villages and TCs spawn irregulars and sentries - like brasilians voluntários da pátria - Monks get limitless disciples and disciples become even better)

Japan - Meiji Restoration (Converts japanese units into european ones Gatling Guns, Falconets and Musketers and Skirms and Hussar/Dragoon)

India - Independence war (all vils become conscript sepoys - a type of revolutionary), Sepoys could have a card for a grenade attack (like peruvian legion) also with one factory card and HC.

The best I can think of for the Lakota is being able to turn into one of the 7 Lakota tribes or the ability to turn into one of the Warrior Societies and gain access to a specific unit. Honestly there’s not much to work with in this regard.

Honestly Revolution should be kept as something the Colonial Powers can do, with Asian and Native civs getting their own mechanics,


Yeah, when I did the proposal, I didn’t though that only Europeans can revolt. So, yes, It would be a European game mode only.