[Feature request] Separate behavior for find and cycle units & buildings

Players are currently able to set different types of behaviors for the find and cycle units/building hotkeys. They can be set to “Follow”, “Select Only” and “Select and Center Camera”. This is great!

I like having my mliitary production set to “select only”, so that I can, for example, select my barracks and produce some infantry while keeping my camera centered on the battlefield.

However, when I’m finding and cycling through units, I’d much prefer this option set to “select and center camera”. When I cycle through my monks, I want the screen to instantly center on them. Same with scouts.

So, what I’d love to see is for the current “Find and Cycle Units & Buildings” split up into:

“Find and Cycle Units” and “Find and Cycle Buildings”, so that players have the options to set different behaviors for each.

Thanks very much!


This request has been seen. Thank you for the feedback @FourNineSix! I’ll make sure this makes it in front of the wider team.