Feature request: tribute resources to allies upon resigning/disconnecting

Everyone has had the experience: you are in the middle of a 4v4 and one of your allies is under a lot of pressure and gives up. Or one of your allies disconnects for some reason.

If this happens, I always think: at least he could have given his resources to his allies. Usually, he will still have a market, so he only has to go to the Diplomacy tab to give his resources to us. But for someone who decided to resign, there is no incentive to do this effort. He can just resign on the spot and move on to a new game.

I think this is rather unfortunate. Let’s say I play a 4v4. One of my enemies get destroyed, but at the same moment my team is destroying one of the enemies. Both players decide to resign, but my ally just resigns on the spot, the enemy player on the other hand first tributes his resources and then resigns. Result: the enemy team now has a power spike that could change the game. But it has nothing to do with skill, just with luck with your teammates.

How to solve this? I would like to see an option, “tribute resources to allies upon resigning”. This is how it would work:

  1. You resign while you still have a market (you need a market to tribute resources).
  2. When resigning, all your units and techs in the queue will be cancelled.
  3. All building foundations will be cancelled, unless building has already started.
  4. Now, the total amount of resources is calculated. Then, it is divided equally between the allies of the player, taking into account the tribute fee.

If a player really does not want his resources to go this allies when he resigns, the solution is simple: delete all your markets before resigning. With hotkeys, you can do that in two seconds (CTRL+SHIFT+M and then SHIFT+DELETE).

Now, it wouldn’t be possible to implement this throughout the game, as it would likely break many campaign scenarios. So if this would be implemented, I would make it a toggleable option in the scenario editor and both in single player and in multiplayer. If it would turn out to be a popular option in unranked multiplayer, I would love to see it in ranked multiplayer as well.


Think its a good idea, it shouldnt affect the game too much as so many players resign without much res. Or in a 4v4 that’s 3 players that get 1 players res, so again not too much unless it’s late game.

But seriously anything would be better than the current system…