[Feature Request] Wonders to generate Gold rather than victory timer, e.g. in ranked games

We all love to see more Unique Units and Unique Buildings for the civs. And I miss wonders in ranked games, because of their beautiful designs. So why not change the wonder function in for instance ranked games to generate gold (similar to relics), rather than creating a victory timer?

It shouldn’t be much gold though and the high cost would keep it in balance, but it would be a nice addition in late games, especially in 1v1’s where trade isn’t possible.


I have an even better idea:
Every wonder gives a unique bonus when build. (Unless wonder victory is active).
The bonus affects team mates too (maybe reduced for them).
Basically a 3rd unique technology that can be taken away again.
Could still give gold and and maybe a little stone. (Basically an improved Feitoria.)

The wonders in Empire Earth gave an unique effect when build that could nearly be game changing like revealing all enemy buildings, giving regeneration to all units or increasing your population limit while reducing the enemy one.

And of course AoE3 has wonders that provide unique boni for the Asian civilisations.


The idea is nice, but sadly very unrealistic. If you are able to afford a wonder on competetive play you are so ahead that you don’t really need the wonder-bonus any more. It would be cool for KotH games though.

Yeah it’s a good idea but overkill and unecessary. I wouldn’t mind seeing these ideas implemented though.

I’d actually stick with just gold benefit tbh, just so that especially in late games it could be a viable tactic to save up resources in order to benefit from them later. Maybe one could even adjust the wonder costs to 1000 wood, 1000 food and 500 stone or so, so that it’s an option that sometimes helps, but not a regular occasion in every ranked game