[Feature] Show tower range while placing it


Could you have an in game option, like the grid, that shows the tower / castle / krepost / town center range while placing it ?

Kind of like the tower range mod but once the building is placed, the range visualization can be removed.

Thank you !


I think there is a thread discussing the tower range mod and a group of “fanatics” insist that adding such feature would make tower run 10x more effective and the game would be insanely easy to play blah blah.

On the other hand, Starcraft and Starcraft II has this feature from I think day one, and cannon rush happens from time to time. Yet nobody complain about this feature.

For me I would welcome dev adding this feature to the game cause it makes sense to me to place tower at a better spot instead of trying to eyeball it.


I completly agree, they did a good job with the grid I feel like displaying the tower range while placing it would be a good next step.

On the other hand keeping the range on all the time is not aesthetic.

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In SC2 the tower/cannon range is only visible when you select it, and it only displays your own tower/cannon range. AOE2 having this implementation is enough imo.


I think, it is enough the viewing the Grid.
Viewing the range of Castles, and Towers will help the tower rushers !!
Many people complain about tower rush, and While I want the towers to have 1020 HP at Feudal age, I do NOT agree to help some Total Noobs to use Tower rush and view their range before it is built.

When you buy a pistol or machine gun, you can not see their range, UNTIL you use it…

So , FIRSTLY you must build the tower, Castle to see their range.

AoE III shows fortification range too. Maybe AoE II has an engine limitation? For I think the tower range mod draws the range as a part of the building’s model. Which is why the range is always on and doesn’t conform to elevation, and why the mod’s author says it’s not possible to make a dynamically updating range finder by only using the Advanced Genie Editor.

Not hugely opinionated on having it as an option other than it’s not a big priority - anyone who’s any good at tower rushing will know from the grid what they’re doing, anyone who is not good can simply install the existing mod.

I will say only one thing about this - I agree with both opinions, as long as both parties have the same in-game experience. I can’t say that it is fair, if one player uses the range visualization, while the other doesn’t.
You could say that it is no different as using the grid or the cube mode, but the tower range is a bigger game changer in my opinion. Probably the fairest solution is to have it as a toggle option, which is un/checked by the host. The effect will apply to all players.
There is a fine line between quality-of-life feature and cheat modding. If we continue with all of these implementations, we can reach a point, where there will be no game, but a fight between mods and handy features, like guessing where my opponents is, or estimating his army size based on score, alarming when a relic is captured, etc.


Yeah, they are to weak. This idea looks like a good buff.

I use the mod. It is pretty useful. But no, i almost never tower rush.

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I disagree. When you buy something you should know what it can do. It shouldn’t be a pro move to build something at the right distance of something. Count distance on the grid isn’t quick. The game shouldn’t be the one who know the must stuff win. It’s a strategy game not a reflex game.

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There is a mod called “Age of Mandala - Foundation” or something similar, that does exactly what you want.

I don’t think that’s completely true. A tower rusher has generally much more experience with towers than a usual player and will thus place the towers pretty well. It seems to me that the Age of Mandala Mods mainly help the defender in estimating the effect of the opponent’s towers and in placing counter towers.

Since many other RTS games use this feature, it would surely not be game breaking. And do you really think that it has more impact on the gameplay than the grid mod? If you had to choose only one mod to use, would you honestly choose Age of Mandala? In my opinion it is a great mod and should be implemented in the game by the developers, but it is not nearly as mighty as some people seem to think.

But this topic has already been discussed extensively on this forum (Get this mod banned from ranked games? (buildings range indicator)), so I am not sure what another thread on this topic should achieve…

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Yes, I play without the grid mod and without the small trees mod. But I use the Age of Mandala. Example: seeing what is the range of a TC or a defensive tower saves a ton of archers. They are made out of paper or something even more fragile, I don’t know for sure :smiley:
I can’t perform a drush, but the advantages of the range visualization are obvious in how it could help me decide how long should I go after a fleeing villager towards a TC.
Honestly, this thing helps a lot. Even with small trees and grid, people still have holes, so what is the point in all of that.

I tried the Age of Mandala - Foundation it’s pretty good but I would love to have the range shown when placing the tower. this only shows it once you click the tower into the map (even if it is not built yet). So if the range is not good then you have to delete the foundation.

You know there are multiple versions of this mod. Might wanna add others as well?

The game shows the finished building while placing it. Therefore, as long as you don’t use the Mandala Mod but only the Foundation Mod, I don’t think there is a way to show the range.

Let’s hope that in the big Anniversary Patch, they will include such a feature without the need of mods. A very small hope, though…

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