FEATURE SUGGESTION: Personalize your civ in multiplayer e.g. flags, banners etc

It would be great if we had a feature in multiplayer to be able to personalize your own civ when playing against other players. It can give a unique touch and feeling to your civ even if the other player is playing the same civ. By personalizing, I mean just aesthetically without impacting the gameplay. Like to have your own flag and banners waving on towers, buildings, walls etc.

When playing multiplayer in aoe, aoe2 and aoe3 and building a massive empire, it doesn’t feel that it was yours. It doesn’t feel that you are representing your civ outside of your gamertag that is shown.
Adding some customization like creating your own flag and banner etc to be visible ingame could give more identity to you as a player online. It can give the feeling that you identify yourself as the civ and enjoy the battle more as it is your civ that has to win for its survival.

Anyway, what do you guys think of this?


Flags and banners will be great addition. This is also good for esports scenes like the banner of your favorite player imagine a Viper flag in a battlepass. 11


I like this idea, smart way of implementing some personalisation wich is fitting with the theme and without impacting gameplay or at all.

Down of War had exactly this feature and it was made by the same studio. But you could also make your own colour scheme there. The game was based on tabletop where this is a huge thing so it makes sense.
But I think uploading your own banners might be difficult nowadays.
I can imagine seeing a lot of racist symbolism. And I’m afraid the banners wouldn’t fit in because a lot of people would use modern symbols or just strait up memes.

Maybe a medieval flag designer could work because flags followed rules anyway and that way you couldn’t design something to crazy.

I just hope they don’t become micro transactions or season pass features.


This looks very cool, I love this idea.

Yeah thats true that it could be difficult. However, they can think of something so it cannot be abused. Like to design something within a range of possibilities.

I would love usch customization for multiplayer matches

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@Mosap7 It’s a really great idea, besides should be fairly simple to implement.

Or add modern world country flags - then everyone could represent their homeland in an online game.

The choice of icons is here. Flags can also be (you select a flag and it replaces the civ flag. If not, the civ flag stays in place).