[feature suggestion] SC2-style camera hotkeys

In Starcraft 2 you can set an area of the map on a hotkey, similar to how you would use control groups. When you press the corresponding key your view jumps to that area without loosing your unit selection.
AGE2 needs this even more than SC2 in my opinion, since there’s more important areas oc the map, that one would want to check up on and those places being in randomized locations. Main gold/stone, second gold/stone, same for the opponent, Relics, suspected enemey/ally/frenemy king locations etc.
At the moment one could set a control group to a mining camp, especially now that there are 20 control groups, but that feels unnatural and makes it more difficult to send your units to that location, if they’re not already on a control group.


I like this a lot! I’m unfamiliar with the SC2 system though. Is it that you try to set a control group without anything selected, and it instead selects the portion of the map? How does that system work, and how do you suggest it to work in DE?

The camera keys have their own keybindings seperate from control groups.
SC2 got 9 control groups 1 to 9.
It uses the F-keys (with default keybindings anyway) for the camera.
So you press ctrl+F3 to set a camera to whatever you’re looking at.
Then when your view is somewhere else and you want to check up on the position you saw earlier, you’d simply press F3.
Here’s a video that explains them.

This is not the only video that expounds on them and their importance in detail, just the shortest I could find.
All the pros use them. All the top ten thousand of SC2 players probably use them.

ah… I also would propose that in AOE2:DE it would work exactly the same.

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2021 and still no cameras location hotkeys. Fingers cross for october 28 kappa

I’m not sure Age 2 really needs them, since you’re not restricted to a fairly small zoom level like in SC2.

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lets not forget we happen to have go to building keys that do this exact thing (and SC 1 and II don’t), i’m not saying that camera hotkeys wouldn’t have some use, but personally, based on how aoe4 played with them, i just can’t find any when go to building exists

2024 and still not camera hotkey neither minimap fog of war…

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the minimap fog of war is argueably the far more significant of these, you can hop the map already with go to keys pretty effectively, smt SC doesn’t have for instance