Feature suggestion: team surrender

Seems logic that if you are playing a team game, you win as a team or you lose as a team.

In some games like league of legends, one can’t just surrender himself and let his team play alone (obviously one can troll or go afk, but i am not talking about this).

I think a great idea would be implement a vote surrender. This way, when the team agrees to surrender, then they all will surrender.

And, at the same time, if someone quits and surrender, then he can get penalties for quitting games.


Up, any thoughts of this?

Interesting suggestion. I like it, but I think a lot of people will not.

I do see a potential issue where a single player is totally dead, but just stuck in the game until it ends.

Would the vote need to be unanimous or just the majority?

A good approach would be more of 50% of the players, this means in 2v2 both players need to say yes, in 3v3 2 of 3 need to say yes, and in 4v4 3 of 4 need to say yes.

I also think the situation you describe wouldn’t be the norm. If you see an ally is totally broken and enemy is full powered, most of the players would just say yes.

But, I do think this will avoid the typical situation where a guy just get a feudal attack, lost a few villagers, and just quits without any penalty.


Sounds pretty reasonable to me.