[Features Suggestions] Usability and Quality of Life Improvements

Here’s a list of suggestions and improvements mainly to the settings of the game which would improve usability without negatively affecting competitiveness. Let me know what you think:

  1. Allow players to set their own preferred colours for the ally vs. enemy non-unique colours setting I.e. more than just always blue for you yellow for ally and red for enemy.

  2. Make elements of the UI moveable through the game itself.

  3. Make separate UI elements scalable independent of each other e.g. a very large minimap but a small resources bar etc.

  4. Customizable default unit stance since currently there is only aggressive or defensive default e.g. I use stand ground slot since it stops units doing stupid things and not staying in place when you’re not micromanaging them.

  5. Allow building unit creation rally points to be set before the building is fully built I.e. as soon as the building layout has been put on the ground by a villager.

  6. Have an option for all technologies being researched on one global queue row and all units being built on another global queue row.

  7. Allow players to leave the ranked queue screen to go into any other screen while they queue.

  8. If possible allow players to leave the ranked queue screen and be able to watch replays while queueing.

  9. Option for automatically focusing the AoE2 game window when a ranked queue pops and you have alt tabbed out of the game while waiting.

  10. Tech tree filters like aoe2techtree.net I.e. can filter civs by what units they get or dont get etc.

  11. Option to Swap left and right mouse buttons.

  12. Allow units to be part of more than one control group at the same time.

  13. Health bars always on enemy only as well as health bars always on your units only as well as both.

  1. Capture Age for spectating and analyzing replays

  2. A tab for technology tree within the main menu

  3. More fonts besides sans-serif in options

  4. Better mod manager instead of having to scroll down a list of over 100 mods

  5. Link to forum in the main menu

  6. God of War - more advance scenarios than in the Art of War tutorials which includes team game mechanics, monk conversion, faster walling and daut castling, etc.

  7. Integrated tooltip mod added in the options


I would like to be able to switch default stance for units of some type by right-clicking on unit button in production building and then selecting stance from a list. Currently selected default stance should be displayed in unit button tooltip.
It would be more comfortable to set it for all buildings, not needing to set it for every building separately.

For example if I would want to set default stance for all trained scorpions to stand ground, then I would open any siege workshop, right-click on scorpion button and select “stand ground”.

Would be very helpful, because it is easy to forget to set this after building is completed.

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No no no, this takes away the skill of manually checking healthbars which is a big deal. The current option for healthbars on units is already terrible since it forces competitive players to use it while heavily downgrading the look of the game. It should be removed because it creates an uneven playingfield and in return you get a less skillfull game. It turns a once pretty medieval game into age of healthbars.

When you say current you mean the default option I.e. damaged units healthcare show up?

I have no problem with only showing health bars when selected but I think when that is currently enabled in the classic setting for health bars you can see all your units healthbars when selected through box selection, but you cant box select enemy units so youd have to click them one by one…

I think having the option to have all enemy healthbars on would increase skilled micro gameplay

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Yes, especially siege units e.g. mangonels onagers etc. You have to put them on dont attack stance since they could randomly take out half your army when attacking the enemy.

It would be good to have it per building type and as an option on the last row of hotkeys under all the hotkeys for the buildings military units.

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I think having more advanced art of war options would also be a good idea, maybe with player icon unlockables for getting certain achievements?

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I’m in favour of pretty much all Quality of Life improvements, and though I don’t care about some of these, none of them sound harmful.

If buildings individually had an aggressive / defensive /standGround / noAttack stance, you could do this with select-all-siegeWorkshops-hotkey set-standGround-hotkey. Though it wouldn’t work as well if you want magonels & scorpions to have different default stances.

For me being able to put some buildings on aggressive stance (ie my raiding stables) would be more important than being able to treat different units created in the same building differently.

Regardless of how it is implemented I’d appreciate it.

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Great ideas from OP would love to see them implemented. Especially rally points and queueing flexibility.

No respons to a point = i agree or i dont really care. So i have nothing to add those those points. I do have something to say about some other points:

Do you mean you can resource techs and units at the same time? I will disagree with this point.

I think this is done to fix some bugs with switching between the screen while waiting in the queue. I also dont really know why you want to other pages. Only page i really look at is the tech tree, but you can access this already while in queue.

Like someone already said: It take away some skill. It becomes much more easy to focus on the weak units of the enemy.

This is already announced. No ETA afaik. So i dont know when it comes.

There is already a tech tree menu? I dont really know what you mean.

Do you mean something like the steam workshop? I really hope soo. Current list is just awefull to navigate.

I like more advanced options. I dont think they need to include daut castles. Why do you need to learn how to fail to build a castle?! Other suggestions are great.

Not clear to me what you mean.

  1. Currently you can only view the tech tree when you go to standard/multiplayer modes. A tech tree within the main menu would be great.

  2. Yes the current list is extremely clunky to navigate especially when you have over 100 mods.

  3. I just add daut castling as humor. Don’t take that one seriously. The advance Art of War can be named as “God of War” or “Theater of War”.

  4. There’s a mod called “Integrated tooltip” which provides more info about any unit in the game. It is nice to have them as official in the game options.

No, that would be ridiculous lol. What I mean is that, say for example you are researching a bunch of university techs at the same time and you are training multiple units, the current lgobal queue system just puts the pending status of whatever unit/technology you researched in the order you clicked it. What I’m suggesting, for ease of display purposes and clarity, is that all units pending get shown in on row on the lgobal queue whilst all technologies pending get shown on another row, regardless of the order you clicked them on. Does that make sense?

It would be nice to be able to go to the lobby browser and see what custom games are being played whilst you queue so you can go into an unranked game if you prefer that. I would also like to browse mods and sometimes I like to try different settings or hotkeys before a match starts which I want to change.

As I said, since queue times are very very long atm, it would be good, if possible, to be able to spectate games whilst queueing, which would require leaving the ranked lobby.

I’d say it increases skill by making micro more important.

Thanks for clarifying. I support the suggestion.

I have waiting times around 2 minutes. Not really that much. I think adding this will be a lot of trouble (They didnt remove it from the game! You could see more than only the Queue some patches ago!) for the devs for almost no benefits to me. Spectating during the waiting time makes no sense at all to me. If you watch something, then go to twitch.

And it makes micro more easy, since it doesnt require much skill to found the weak units of the enemy. It is just how you approach it. In the end it doesnt really matter. I dont think i will play more or less if they add this :wink:

When you say current you mean the default option I.e. damaged units healthcare show up?

There is an option in DE to show all healthbars on your own units. Some pro players use it, it totally ruins the look of the game and creates an uneven playingfield.

Take a look in these vod’s to see how it looks.

I think having the option to have all enemy healthbars on would increase skilled micro gameplay

No, because you already know where the weak ones are instead of having to click (micro). It would be such an advantage that every competitive player would be forced to have it on, and when everyone uses it the advantage is gone. Then the only thing you achieved is ruin the look of the game.

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I’d like pressing tab to show a full-screen minimap.