February PUP Build #59053, Venetian Ball Event

I they add Venice and Swiss the too much Europe civs crowd will riot


They will riot and still buy it :joy:


People bought EA games after the outrage that followed the release of Battlefront II (2017), so I bet you’d be right.

Also it’s CondoTtiero (CondoTtieri plural), not condotierro/i.

I don’t really get these event mods. Does anyone really want a masked jester on their Town Centres, or Spearmen with carnival hats and masks? Also, I really hope this isn’t a hint of a Venetian civ in the next expansion. Aside from anything else, we already have five civs using Mediterranean architecture (the second most, after Eastern European).

I’m amused by the euphemism of “Harvest 20 Herdables” though…

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Venetians are already represented in the italian civ, which basically represents all city-states of the sea-republics (Genoa, Pisa, Venetia, Amalfi…)

if anithing, “italians” civ could be renamed (as it does not mean much in the timeline of the game) in “Sea Republics of Italy” and then a new Civ could be Kingdom of Italy, similar to sicilians and teutons, based on the Longbard and then frank kingdom

in all honesty, i would just be happy with a little rework for italians to make them more competitive and their unique unit and tech a bit stronger, since geonese crossbowman and condottiero are a one trick pony, and silk road is far better suited as a team bonus or civ bonus

Maybe one civi has something to do with livestock?

Well so was Naples but now they are covered with Sicilians.

naples was not one of the republics of the seas like genoa, venetia, amalfi and pisa, so it was not represented

As far as I know, there were only two kingdoms in Italy during the Middle Ages: Sicily (which is already in game), and the Kingdom of Italy which was one of the titles of the Holy Roman Emperor. Milan has been a theocracy, a republic and a duchy, Savoy was a county and then a duchy, and Tuscany was an aggregate of republican city states, maritime or not, in the 16th century, neither of them was a kingdom during the game’s time period. Genoa and Pisa were part of the Kingdom of Italy, while Amalfi was annexed by Sicily relatively soon. Venetia was the only political entity completely independant from the HRE, the Papal States and Sicily during the whole period. So in a sense you could see the current Italian civs as the members of the Kingdom of Italy, whatever their government form is.


Eh the comparison is a bit silly since you are comparing a single game with an studuo.

But unless the civs seem very fun I will pass on the DLC. And even if the civs are fun I doubt I will buy them before a discount


I don’t know what that could be, since I can’t think of a herdable related eco bonus that isn’t already used by Britons or Tatars. I suppose they could have herdables move faster/have increased line of sight…

I hope that this aren’t a mean for Venice civ. India and South Africa (Kongolese and Shona + ??? campaign?) or India (Bengalis and Tamils + Persian campaign) would be better

PD: later of these make andean dlc (Wari and Chimú + Mayan campaign)


Maybe have the sheperds harvest gold from the sheeps to represent the wool market,


No hints for any African, Indian or Asian new civ
I guess some people will have to wait for the next DLC 11


Regardless, I will never buy another Euro expansion, especially civs like Venetians or Swiss.


Are there other games that have carnival related events? Like maybe they genuinely just want a carnival event that’s unrelated to whatever big thing comes next.


I will buy whatever DLC if the civs are unique/interesting enough instead, regardless of geographical position.


Tbh no one does an Austral Christmas event, so this aint much weirder than that

Maybe it is the time they will fix the Italian balance!

I’m actually going to guess this is a sign we aren’t getting a DLC civ. If I remember correctly, we did not have anything like a LotW/DotD event (or a “Sicilian/Pole/etc.” event) until long after the DLC was released. It would break the trend if they released the Venetians as a civ and had an event about them at the same time.

Having said that, I for one think it would be great if they did join the roster, but I don’t think this is necessarily a sign they’re coming.


Maybe, but the Britons bonus is (I believe) supposed to represent the British wool trade, and gold from sheep would end up functionally very similar to free starting gold, since you usually “harvest” (haha) your sheep before you spend gold on anything other than Loom.