Fed up with spectator search

I haven’t been able to type in a player’s name and find their game in the Spectator search for months. It does not work. 100% failure rate. Every time I load up that Spectator screen I get an endless list of nonsense games with no useful sorting function (rating, map, etc.). It displays only a small fraction of the number of games actually being played and the search function seems to search ONLY the games displaying on the screen. It is the most broken, poorly designed spectator search I could possibly envision, and it has only gotten worse with time. What is going on?


No idea why it’s happening, but i’ve been suffering because of this issue too, my coffee breaks have been ruined for months! :sob:

I filled a bug report last month or so, they said they are tracking the issue but meanwhile nothing has changed. I was hoping it would have been fixed with the latest patch :frowning:


Yeah, it really is a shame how poorly the in-game search functionality works (not just for spectating, but in the mod browser too).

I mostly ignore the game window and instead use the Spectator Dashboard. It’s a huge step up from the in-game menus. There are lists for finding expert games and tournaments, and the lobby browser lists all ongoing games that you can filter and search through.

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I wish the spec dashboard worked for me. I click that eyeball icon and nothing happens. The URL Helper thing has never worked for me for whatever reason.

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I use aoe2lobby myself for lobby findings and spectating. Though I don’t think it actually has ranked games.

In-game, I’ve found that the game now actually finds lobbies if you search by lobby name (lobby code will still break somehow), so if you’re looking for a ranked match it’ll be hard, as those are all AUTOMATCHes. :confused:

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So true dude. I wanted to look at pros playing certain maps/civs so I can improve my strategy, couldnt use the in game search function to any effect


When the game accepts to open games from URL ID, this solution works, but when you also have the BUG which makes URL not open anything on the game…

Yup that’s where i’m at.

Another bug that happens when spectating is you cant switch players or see any info about resources collected and stuff :frowning: what a bummer!

@Felizon89 this is an “eternally present bug” where we cant search who is playing by name to spec it, external websites are better at this, or asking players to send their game id, thats what all streamers end up doing. It would be good to just fix the bug? its been present for a couple years now

Are you sure this is a bug and not some browser setting? I would not be surprised if those URL links not working would be a safety measure or something.

If you are looking to join lobbies, I can only suggest looking for the lobby from aoe2lobby and then in-game filtering by entering the name of the lobby and joining from there. A bit tedious, but should be able to let you join without needing the URLs.

the ingame currently played games search functionality is broken, only displays like 20% of matches,.
In any case the solution that people use is aoe2recs.com that does display the games…
would be good if the game itself showed more than 20% of the ongoing matches as well, not only tools developed by fans for free in their free time

using aoe2recs i’m able to search for my friends ranked games, they’re around 1400 elo. it works, just click the browser and write the name there, then click “ongoing” and it’ll show the matches. However sometimes the screen is bugged and shows the mine menu with the game overlay, sometimes there’s no res, and can’t change player :confused: Other times the player colors are messed up. But this isn’t related to the website, because these issues happened sometimes too before the latest patch.

That website has a new browser tab that I think shows all public lobbies/games. The front page still features the top players, but there are more features now.