Feedback and opinion on the 8 new cards added China

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Age1(Tea Export)

This new letter has benefited from an enormous opening with China such as the Mongol scourge with the Russian consulate, making it faster and cheaper. It could also certainly serve for other strategies, this card possibly remains in standard decks 100% in the Chinese civilization. I give it a score of 4.9/5

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Age1(Year of the Tiger)

I have tried to take advantage of this card by making openings that involve disciple rush, but it is really difficult to get a number of tigers that exceed a military send of age 2, also consider that sending that card at age 1 will possibly never happen, if not even putting effort I managed to lose so many disciples to be able to get more than 5 tiger, I consider this shipment as garbage, it really is not worth it, they should buff it
I give it a score of 1.5/5

3 y 4)
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(Age 2 and 3) Flamethrower + Castle rickhaw

I like this card, it is usually occasional but it gives you defensive security, a capacity that China did not have compared to the other civilizations with respect to the deck, it is also obviously useful to take an offensive position and will possibly be more used in team games. my score is 4.2/5

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(Age3) Fliying crow

This card is not better than the 2 European falconets and even the 2 Japanese flaming arrows, it is far below because its statistics at age 3 are really poor, it does not justify the 7 population it costs, I do not think this shipment is relevant in age 3 possibly not even used. My score is 2.8/5

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(Age3)Year of the Dragon

This card is fun, it should be used carefully, the statistics of the lizards at age 3 are good, with the wonder of the temple you could easily have 2 tc at age 2 for which you would receive 2 flamethrowers as soon as you have minutes at age 3, although I don’t know if It’s better to get 2 lizards and a castle or 3-5 lizards and 2 flamethrowers, but if you go with 6 lizards and 2 flamethrowers I’m sure it would be very annoying for the opponent.
This card has a score of 4/5

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(Age4) koxinga

I would like there to be more units but it is at a very reasonable price so I am not complaining, this unit had received a nerf so it had lost a bit of grace, but thanks to this attack rate bonus it has been revived at age 4, I think this shipment is interesting, it could militarily save the Chinese in positional fights.
My score is 4.3/5

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(Age4) Fire Dragon manual

This card was needed to make the flying crow more competitive compared to the other real cannons, which is why I am very happy with the improvement in rate of fire, it also allows China to make an FI with flamethrower because it also improves its status to honorable, without a doubt some that will give prominence to the Chinese artillery in different areas, that is why this card is the greatest improvement that China has received, it fulfills synergy between improvement and addition of unit, it is also well balanced
My score is 5/5


I think the Castle/Flamethrower cards should also increase Castle build limit. As of now, they aren’t really good enough to replace other better cards.


Mi opinión es bastante similar, yo creo que para arreglar la del año del tigre seria mejor que por cada discípulo te otorgue un tigre y que la carta les otorgue un bonus contra infantería, para hacerlos utilices ya que 13 de daño en edad 2 sin bonus es basura xd

y con la del cuervo volador de 3 edad ayudaria si le disminuye la pob en 1 y mejora su daño y hp en 15%

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Es casi imposible llegar a perder 24 discipulos de forma que valga la pena, yo lo he intentado varias veces, consigo perder 10-12 de forma que si valga la pena, pero ya despues siento que esta demas seguir haciendo y es mejor sacar tropas, Yo creo que podrian hacer que por cada 3 discipulos que pierdas consigas 2 tigre o taambien partas con 2 base, porque realmente tienes razon los tigres son debiles, necesitaras por lo menos 10 tigres para superar un envio de militar de edad 2

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