Feedback On Recent AI Changes

keep in mind haven’t tried October pre update yet

The two new Ai have way more personality than original swede/inca. gj.

a lot of the more recent problems have been fixed, I’m glad for the continued support and look forward to more improvements in general. allowing mortar type units to finally be used is a great baseline qol improvement, glad to not need a mod for that.

Having the Ai error show exactly what line the problem occurred and a general idea of what the problem is has literally saved me hours on making changes to the AI. thank you.

Ai focused cheats and observer mode would helpful too. please consider adding them. New Cheats To Help Modding - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

wish Ai forward based more often, especially in a coordinated manner with other ai.

idle times in general still horrendous, could use improvements.

herding way better than before, not perfect but actually useful. treasure hunting the same.

still no news on allowing Ai mods to be used online with mod manager. still have to play online with it manually installed.

Ai can stall too much late game and retreat too often without committing, dragging out games. when reaching final age with most upgrades maybe tone down retreat and fear factor? game has to end instead of dragging on endlessly.

Walls when? most anticipated feature.


I would spend a lot of time (becauseidonthavealife) giving feedback, deck ideas that work with the ai strength rather then human strengths and trying to help them figure out how to make the AI give a solid challenge, especially if it can do so without cheating because in a game where timings are so vital, the cheating really distorts the picture.

Keeping it to three points, I’d go with this.

  1. A bit more focused on its economy on higher levels rather then cheats. Yeah sure many inexperienced players get run over by their rush but once you know and spam defensive buildings and cards everywhere, they throw their units at them over and over. Focusing on its economy would mean giving a more consistent challenge throughout.

  2. Adapts to mills and plantations sooner and uses land grab or others to support this. This one is more controversial. Sure these buildings are not great in human 1v1 games but what the AI does is much worse, wandering its villagers all over the map in massive clumps to gather natural resources. Ideally it’d become more progressively reliant on buildings and only send a few out to distract natural resources.

  3. Crafting strategies based on the civ. For example certain civs should be looking to get to age 3 ASAP. Germany, Portugal and Spain as examples. Often though they end up in prolonged age 2 struggles. Also sure you could rush a civ knowing it’s going to try to age 3 fast but currently there’s so many ways to exploit the ai in this fashion that the trade often is worth it.

However, I need convincing that they’d actually give me the time of day. I’ve been down this road too many times and ended up just resigned and frustrated.

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