Feedback on the Ottoman rework

Sipahi: It is impossible to use more than one Sipahi group.
Suggestion: The Sipahi’s healing ability should be removed and only trained in the fort, (Americans can train various cavalry in fort, they use legion cards for this.) or the amount of infinity cards should increase by +1 to +2.

Nizam: The Nizam infantry should replace the Janissaries or Azap, so the theme of reform takes place.
Suggestion: Nizam Reform should remove Janissaries or Azap Infantry from the barracks and add Nizam Infantry (Like the British Rangers card replacing Longbowmen with Rangers) but Nizam Infantry should have lower hit points than Janissaries.

Artillery: New clothes.
Suggestion: The new clothes reflect the Ottoman theme but such a main content should not work with a card.

Deck Suggestion: There is no Azap Infantry in the deck but there is Nizam Infantry, I think this is wrong, there should not be Nizam Infantry in the deck without Nizam reform, Azap Infantry should be added instead.

Deck Suggestion: Akıncıs card is very ineffective to give damage bonus to settlers, this card is ineffective when Deli Cavalry is present, speed ​​bonuses can be added to reflect Akıncı theme.

Homecity Suggestion: There is the sound of church bells in the Ottoman homecity, i think this should be fixed.

Fishing boats: The Yörüks got their own unique clothes, the Settler clothes on the Fishing Boats should look like the Yörüks too.

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Nizam suggested changes are really good, not sure about sipahi, but it could be tested…

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Ottomans don’t have church bells because they don’t have church. They are Muslims and have mosques

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