The AI is stupid. It doesn’t build walls and if its the pilgrims map or any map that everyone starts on islands they don’t go to the main land to be able to compete against the players. The not building of walls IS REDICULAS on its own. IDK how many games I have played on moderate difficulty and just swamp the FLOOR with me against 7 ai’s because the AIs don’t build walls. I say keep the current ai’s BUT make it so the ai’s use the walls that the faction they play use. AI needs a SERIOUS update to compete with human tactics at lower difficulty levels. I don’t know how many times I have won against ai on moderate because it doesn’t compete with human tactics.

There are literally chat commands you can give them to have them do certain things like walling

but dont you have to play with them to make that happen

I playu agennst them not with them

Well fyi the difficulties aren’t all that high period. A 1k elo person should be able to best extreme ai.

If you’re looking for a challenge the ai is not it. Well until you start doing fun stuff like multiple extreme ai


Ok but ai should still be able to build walls not just not too esspectally if you are playing agesnt them. Even at extream difficulty it still doesnt build walls when playing aginst them and that would add an extra stratagy in the game that you have to take into consideration when playing.

The original game AI creates walls as well as transports units to the islands , I have tested this numerous times since I only play agaisnt the AI.

I usually have multiple factions fighting one another

Myself+Ally (New AI) team 1

New AI + Ogriginal AI team 2

New AI + Ogriginal AI team 3.

That gives you a wide veriety of differing enemies, the old AI are also more likely to request an alliance with you when it starts to struggle, and I love that. Using Diplomacy to show mercy to some former emenies is a lot of fun.

But yeah, more differing AI will be good. More veriety is always good.

HD AI is just an aggesive AI that doesn’t wall but sends a vast army to constantly attack you.
Here are lots of AI’s to play against. Rehoboam is especially powerful if you don’t fully wall and let them play franks.
Barbarian AI is also stronger but can’t play the DE Civs. Shadow is strong too and then there is Odette which is also pretty good and plenty other ones.

On this topic on the last post there is an AI Pack which contains most of them - compatible to Definitive edition.

You might have to register to see the stuff there. At the moment there are frequent new versions of AIs thanks to a tournament

Not sure if any of the AIs builds walls

To install copy the files inside the single RARs into: …\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources_common\ai

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Thats the CD version right

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RTS AIs never scale very well. You pretty much have to either handicap it or force the AI to make mistakes.I’m fairly sure the DE AI does both at lower levels. But maybe up the difficulty?

YA my friends and I just played a game and set the ai to the cd version and we all 4 got to imerial age and the ai cd was at dark ages. CLEARLY you all are wrong becue not only did the ais not build walls but they didnt do crap.

A bit loosely related to the topic: what’s the difference between Very Hard and Extreme AI?
I know hard AI (and below) is pop capped, it doesn’t do more than 75-80 vills and 60-70 troops, but since neither VH nor Extreme is, I wonder what’s the difference between the two.

Mate, why don’t you go and build an AI yourself that can properly wall up its base? You demand things like if you knew how to do them and it was just stupid it wasn’t in the game. Let me tell you, there are hundreds of AIs out there to play against… and yet no experienced scripter has managed to build an AI that can wall like a human by itself yet. This is complex mate! Be thankful the DE AI is a huge step forward compared to the previous versions of the game and you can even tell the AI to make walls from one point to another.

The AI is actually powerful on arabia. But it’s hard to program an AI that behaves properly on any map. What is the use of the AI any way? Just play vs real people online.

Many of the recent updates make comp stomp games more fun. These include things like a more aggressive AI, better team combinations of units, and somewhat sneakier use of siege. In a recent comp stomp game, I was a Bohemian pocket who found himself in quite the pickle when the AIs went Woad Raider + Scorpions backed by War Wagons + Siege Onagers. That is an expensive combination, but the AI was able to maintain it. I lost that game.
There are many issues still, such as a new tendency for the AIs to build in congested areas, and ultimately idle large numbers of trade carts (Were talking 60+).

It is indeed. It’s the oldest Ai but it focuses much more on interesting gameplay (Walls,water transport and diplomacy ) insted of competitive game play (Spamming units or Drak age/Fudal age rush)

Original CD AI building walls.

Walls were hurting the AI more then they benefit from them. So building walls become a burden, not a blessing for the AI. I am not really how easily they can improve the logic of building walls. I dont really think it will be a huge buff for the AI.

Even the Extreme AI is below average while ocmparing to ranked games. Just adding walls dont really makes it instantly top levels. There are a lot of other things as well on how to improve the AI.

You are complaining about the AI being unable to do something that, to be frank with you, is extremely difficult to program for. Practically no AI, custom or otherwise, knows how to do as you’ve described, so it’s not a “This AI is stupid” problem, it’s a “this action is extremely hard to program into an AI” problem.

Doesn’t matter what difficulty you play on, AI won’t play Migration or Pilgrims or any similar map properly, because they simply aren’t able to handle it. That’s why on release, those maps weren’t selectable as maps in single-player modes. Don’t know when that changed.

You know there are difficulty levels above moderate, if you need to make the AI better to be a challenge, right? :rofl:

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Is he really just playing against moderate?

Then i would advice him to come back after consistently beating Extreme AI. People who can consistently beat Extreme AI will probably move on to multiplayer, which mean you dont really play the AI anymore.