Feeding ressources on team games shouldn't be allowed on age 1

This is a strategy very common on team games and it is quite balance breaking as the one civ, commonly native civs can pretty much rush the oponent in 4 minutes or less.
My sugestion is to only allow ressource feeding after hitting age 2.


I agree, but instead of removing it, just make the tribute more expensive. Sling strategy isn’t very good anyway. It gets countered by villager fighting, minutemen (you and your team), or just plain booming.

I didn’t realize you could do this in AOE3, I play AOE2 most often and tribute is not available until Feudal Age(Age II), I am not really into multiplayer in this game but I can see that being extremely strong if you boost one player far ahead of everyone else early

It is strong.
Especially with azzy
They can have a full army under your tc in less than 4 min