Female Villagers in Return of Rome?

In the Return of Rome teaser, we see a curious inclusion:

It appears humanity will no longer remain a one-gender race that reproduces asexually, and that women now exist alongside men.


If there are female villagers, that means new lines have been recorded.

And if new lines have been recorded…do each civ use their own language now?


Oooooooo…good point!

We’ll need to see if units do more than grunting.

As for reconstructing languages, the difficulty of that would definitely vary between latin or greek on the one side, and sumerian on the other…

They recorded new lines for AoE1DE so those lines would not be much newer.

I don’t think we will see civilisation specific voice lines but who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe Lac Viet will speak modern Vietnamese language?

Can’t wait for the female version of Rogan.


Nah, the female voice is weird in the game

Yes there is a female vill

No language remained unchanged over such a long period of time. Antique vietnamese would need being reconstructed.

Vietnamese can’t speak any of the 3 you mentioned. I think they will all speak gibberish as usual.

I’d rather want a female ERECTUS.

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There are a bunch of civs that couldnt have their own voicelines though

Unrelated to the topic:
Are those elephants larger then the elephants from the elephant units?

I picked what I think look like the extremes : latin is still widely learned today with reconstructed pronunciation, while sumerian is extinct for thousands of years.

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Sumerian is surprisingly well understood but the issue is that most Sumerian language texts are from Babylonian times, that means form times when the language was already dead.
Pretty much like Latin was used everywhere in Europe long after the fall of the Roman Empire but no one actually spoke it.

Minoan on the other hand is a language that has not been translated yet. There is also no living relative of that language.
Yamato and Chseon languages are probably also very hard to reconstruct because they only later started writing down things and only in Chinese at first.
We don’t even know Macedonian language either, everything they wrote down that survived is in Greek.

Macedonians could speak greek, and Carthaginians and Phoenicians could use the same language if one cannot be reconstructed.

Some they could get away with by using the AoE2 lines. Would cut down on amount needed.

Sure they wouldn’t be accurate, but they would be a hell of a lot better than a Shang villager saying “ERECTUS!”

don’t forget them saying Yuri

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