Female Villagers Losing Modify Attributes

Age of Empires 2: DE
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Female Villager’s are not receiving Modify Attribute’s, and/or losing them when performing tasks.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Modify Attribute> Hit points> Villager (Female)
  2. Have villager perform a task

Hello! The reason this is happening is that when a Villager (Female) performs a task such as farming, that Villager (Female) is at that moment ceases to be a Villager (female) and instead “transforms” into a new unit–a “Farmer”! Same with Lumberjack, Miner, Builder, Repairer, Fisherman, Hunter, Forager, etc.

So if you want to make sure your villagers, for example, all had 200 HP, you would need to make a Modify Attribute trigger to set HP to 200 for Villagers (Female) as well as identical trigger for farmers, miners, lumberjacks, etc (And Villagers (Male) as well). That way no matter which task they were doing, and which unit they “transformed” into, they would retain their 200HP.

A Villager (Female) is only a Villager (female) when it is either 1) standing around doing nothing, or 2) walking to a new location without a task to do once it gets there (that is, it is simply moving from one location to another).

If a male or female villager is tasked with any job, it “transforms” into a different unit (farmer for example) until you give it a new task to do.

but a farmer u just move is still a farmer. You have to ask him to attack a building or units of the enemy to get him back to be a villager, not a farmer

I assume the poster intends for Villager (female) to maintain the HP modification regardless of which tasks that unit is performing. If that is the case, the poster would need to make triggers to modify HP for farmers, lumberjacks, miners, hunters, fisherman, etc, so that the unit would maintain the HP modification no matter what they were doing.

It should be noted however, that adjustments to farmers, miners, lumberjacks, etc., will affect Villager (male) when male villagers are performing tasks. There are no female farmers or male farmers. Farmers are farmers. I don’t know if the poster intended to modify only female villagers HP and not male villagers HP. If they did, I don’t know how that would be possible. But if they are ok with male and female villagers having and maintaining the HP modification, the method to do that is outlined in my first reply.

I’m having the same problem
Only female villagers are not being modified
Although i have modified lumberjack gold miner shepherd and so it only applies for male villagers