Female villagers not affected by modified work rate

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Can’t change work rate of female villagers through triggers.

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100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Make a trigger with a modify attribute effect
  2. Select work rate and set it to 0 or double or whatever.
  3. Apply it to female villagers.

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Female villagers work rate should be affected by triggers like male villagers are… right?

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Female villagers performing specific tasks are hidden in the editor. You can still modify their work rate by typing in the unit ID # for each task. Related discussion here:


So the issue is that builder, forager, miner etc that you find in the list of units are all refering to male villager’s tasks only? How can I know the ID of female villager’s each tasks? I guess there’s a list. Thank you anyway!

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  • 56 Male Fisherman
  • 57 Female Fisherman
  • 83 Male Villager
  • 118 Male Builder
  • 120 Male Forager
  • 122 Male Hunter
  • 123 Male Lumberjack
  • 124 Male Stone Miner
  • 156 Male Repairer
  • 212 Female Builder
  • 214 Female Farmer
  • 216 Female Hunter
  • 218 Female Lumberjack
  • 220 Female Stone Miner
  • 222 Female Repairer
  • 259 Male Farmer
  • 293 Female Villager
  • 354 Female Forager
  • 579 Male Gold Miner
  • 581 Female Gold Miner
  • 590 Female Shepherd
  • 592 Male Shepherd

Thank you very much Manu!
I’m hyped for your upcoming Roman campaign btw!


Glad to see there’s a workaround! Though it seems like a bad oversight that female farmers, builders etc. are hidden in the editor.

I’ve had plans to modify villager work rates for some scenario ideas, but gave up on it because it only would affect males.

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Yeah I had a similar issue with a scenario I’m making where a particular mechanic only disadvantage males. Since it’s a campaign with a female heroine I was ready to keep it and write in the hints that the sandstorm can’t affect females because everyone knows girls are better.
Honestly I was getting fond of that joke at the point it’s almost a shame I discovered a solution eheh…

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I think the reasoning is that the male and female versions both have the same name, so if you’re just selecting them from a dropdown list, you don’t know which is which. Which doesn’t matter if you intend to modify both, but if you wanted male and female workers to have different attributes, you’d have to look up which is which even if both were unhidden in the Editor. Regardless, either using this the list, or having AGE open to look up unit IDs is simple enough.

Well, it’s simple enough once you know what to do, but it’s not very intuitive to figure out for people who don’t already know how to do it.
I would think it shouldn’t be too difficult for the devs to give the different IDs unique names to distinguish them on the list, e.g. Farmer (female) and Farmer (male), as they already do with the basic Villager (female) and Villager (male).

That said, there are several other issues with the editor that are more important to fix.


Use the script call is the best solution.

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