Few matches in lobby even after patch

after updating to the latest edition , I started to see more matches in the lobby (which I understand to be a known issue)
but after a couple of days the issue seemed to reoccur and mostly I can see 3 - 4 matches only
I tried it in 2 different computers and its the same


It maybe be because the recent hotfix patches, they had to revert back some improvement changes because some machines were having instability issues (?). I can still see 20-30 unranked lobbies, EU region. More than before DEC 17 but still less than they should.
DEC 17: Game Update 34055
DEC 18: Hotfix 34205
DEC 20: Hotfix 34223

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I haven’t noticed the lobby count go down yet, it’s absolutely more populated than before the update.

In what platform do you play in @zeeApps? Don’t forget to check if crossplay is enabled, especially if you play via Xbox. I’ve seen some reports already where the lobby availability was low due to crossplay being disenabled.

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windows 10 , how to turn off cross crossplay ?

still the same :frowning:

Just downloaded today’s hotfix. The browser seems to be some more populated than it was for a few days ago. How’s it four you gals and guys?


yes it was fixed :+1:

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the issue returned today, again I meet players in the very few matches who also complains of the same problem

please fix it again :man_facepalming:

Can you check your settings to ensure that Enable Crossplay is turned on?