Few players play AoE IV

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you if many people play AoE IV, since in steam statistics, more people play AoE II DE than AoE IV, and I would like to know if you think that this will be the other way around at some time. Probably with rankeds or some updates could make more people play the game.

Depends on how committed the AoE4 developers are to expanding the game’s content. It’s currently missing some basic functionality like random map / random civ, is missing features like a scenario editor that are present in other AoE games, and so on. If over time the developers complete the game and then continue to support and add content, treating it like a long-term platform, this trend seems likely to reverse, but we’ll have to wait quite some time to see if that happens.

AoE2 has a ton of single player content, and the multiplayer matches last much longer compared to AoE4.

That being said, the dropping player numbers for AoE4 is kind of disappointing to see, especially considering there were 70k+ concurrent players when AoE4 first came out. I hope there is enough of a player base to sustain the multiplayer scene.

i just got the chance to try it thanks to game pass being a dollar for a month, and i think the game really needs another 2-4 civs to be considered truly complete. ill probably still buy it just because i think it plays really well, runs well on my terrible computer etc but it does feel a little bare bones and i know the more competitive players have a laundry list of issues that need to be addressed

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