Few Questions

Good evening,

after browsing the internet for about an hour I didn’t find answers to the following questions regardings AOE2 DE, which used to run on my laptop half a year ago but doesn’t work anymore since I tried to play it this week.

  1. How do I turn on the compatibility mode for the game? The game seems to be installed as an “APP” and not like all my other games on my computer. I always could run my games in compatibility mode by right clicking the .exe and chosing the mode but AOE2 DE is different. I also cannot find any installation folder of the game on my computer.

  2. Whenever I start the game, something like “XBOX live” turns on? What is that and can I turn it off to play the game without this?

Maybe I’am old but since I played AOE2 like 10 years ago a lot of thinks changed in the gaming world. Please help!

No idea for your first question but I can answer the second. I think what is bothering you is the xbox gaming bar.

Here is a tutorial to disable it: How to disable the Xbox Game Bar and Game DVR in Windows 10 | Windows Central