Few things I want to see in AOE2

I am not Esports player, or does math for playing videogames, this is a feedback from a very casual player who has life responsibilities and plays game to relax and chill.

Visible Hotkey or Displayed Hotkey
Allow users to turn this on or off based on their preference from options. Helps new and returning players a lot. This should be supported officially by AOE DE as there are tons of mods that does the same thing, but with each update they get outdated and are abandoned often, you can just type hotkey and see the amount of mods that does the same thing, but all outdated or abandoned or causes icons to go missing.

Better Pathfinding for resource collecting villagers
Villagers still get stuck while collecting resources, they often spin around or glitch around. Moistly happens near mining nodes and trees on the edges.

Better Pathfinding and Turning for Cavalry
Most time cavalry spins backwards for few seconds then moves forwards, this looks weird and wastes time. I don’t know what is causing it, maybe fix the turning of Cavalry.

Manned Siege Equipment skins
Add operators to the siege equipment, like people who push and trigger the siege equipment. This can be a skin.

More Improvements to AI
Currently AI still cheats a bit because AI can control everything at a time and it is not limited by hands, mouse pointer and other peripherals like humans. Maybe have an AI that makes better counter units based on what player is bringing, instead of buffing up resources and spamming upgrades but still sends crap units to fight.
Add some life preservation mechanic, like withdrawing and playing a bit defensively, also builds walls and closes the gaps between cliffs. Since maps have fixed layout, these conditions can be easily added for each map, Assaults trade caravans, I haven’t seen any of these things done by AI on hard AI skirmish. AI also hardly uses formation and sometimes sends solo monk to fight lol.

Stop Time Gating Event Objectives
I understand MS wants to drive up their engagement metrics by time gating, but I was not expecting these type of cheap tactics from MS. It makes AOE look like a cheap Korean or Chinese game.
No matter what, people are playing, that itself is engagement. Maybe change how engagement is calculated, instead of daily add it based on playtime a player does. why does it matter that when the player plays, the player is playing is what matters.

Working people like me don’t have time to play videogames entire weeks or sometimes several months, if people like us want to chill and play over a weekend, allow that. Stop time gating events and adding a 20hr countdown to next objective of the event. Quality of the game speaks itself, people will play the game as it has high quality and good mechanics, stop forcing people to play.

Thanks and so far you guys have done a great job, keep up the good work.


Seems like something good for new players. Did you know that there are already display hotkey mods? Just look into the mod browser for hotkey and you will find some. I dont use them, so i have no experience with these mods. For example, i have no idea if the also work if you change your hotkeys or that they only work for the default hotkeys.

Better pathfinding in general is something good. i cant really think of someone who will against this.

I dont really care about this option. I can see why people want this, but having no people at the siege dont really borther me. At least this is moddable and someone from the community could made (or already have made) a mod for this.

The current AI is better then the HD AI, which is already better then the original AI. But it still is pretty bad in my opinion. The average ranked player should be able to beat the extreme AI.

I am not sure if your claims about the AI are true. The DE AI dont get any extra resources or something like that. I would you suggest to watch the following vid from Spirit of the Law where he has an interview with the creator of the DE AI.

I let the vid start at 1:40, which started the interview with the most important question: Does the AI cheat? The answer is no, but their are some things different compared to humans. The dev of the AI explain these differences.

In general i would want a much harder extremem AI, but making it better isnt an easy task. You somehow have to translate the thinking and the actions of humans into AI coding. Thinks like smart walls are pretty difficult for the AI. Their walling will make their game play worse, instead of better in many games. That is why the current AI dont really wall his base early on.

I dont really like these things as well. Luckily most of the event stuff dont really matter at all and is pretty garbage. So i dont really care about these events. I only see the events a waste of development resources, which could be spend differently.

Nice to see you appriacete the work of the devs.

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All the hotkey mods only works on default hotkeys and sometimes are even missing icons while others not even working. Official support for a built-in hotkey display like below will be great.


This is a must have QoL for the game especially to new players far more important than auto-scouting. I don’t know why it’s missing since the dawn of the game.

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well the Hotkey mods get outdated with each update, there are already 20 different visible hotkey mod out there and with each update it breaks. I would like AOE 2 DE to support this feature officially.

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yes just tired of these type of mods getting outdated with each new update.


AOE 3 DE has that, it should be a must for AOE 1 DE, AOE 2 DE and even for AOE 4 and AOM DE


Can the war elephant get a rider?

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