Fewer points in ranked than my teammates

I have played six matches this evening with my friends, all matches same team comp. We played 3s ranked.
We won all six.
After every victory I get alot fewer points than my team mates who both get the same.
One is platinum 2, me diamond 2 and my other m8 conq 1.
E.g the latest game I got +12 while they both got +18.
The game before me 14 while they both got 20.

It has nothing to do with winstreak since we have the same streak, nothing to do with rank obv since we are all different ranks. So why?
Sorry for spelling, its late and I’m tired.

E phemes

I think it has something todo with your ranked matchmaking elo.

can’t be, in 1s I’m unraked like my friend.
We even have the same win rate in multi.
I still get 6 points less when I win and 6 points more when I lose.

take a look at Team Ranked – Leaderboard – AoE4 World

maybe there is a little difference between you and your friends