Fields in Age of Empires 4

So guys I just saw a discussion on the Discord about the fields. People are arguing if the fields should be infinite or limited like in Age of Empires 2. I personally think when Age of Empires 4 is released the fields should have limited amount and then be “refilled” by wood.

What do you think? Should there be infinite fields or limited?


I think they should be unlimited. Build them and forget them unless they are attacked


Definitely unlimited farms. Eventhough I am an AoE2 player I think that limited farms are just annoying and don’t really bring any value to the game.


infinite farm is fine


Limited because it brings so much value in macro due to do wood-farms relation that you have to have in mind. As it is right now, i mostly forget about the economy, dont really care so much about it, and this is supposed to be 50% of the game.


This is more about the food-wood economy relation than the need to renew the farms manually (auto renew is available on aoe2 already).

Personally I like limited because it makes wood so important. If you deny / attack wood workers then you also cause an impact on food on your enemy resources.


Na disagree mate. Theres enough macro managment requirements in Aoe4, no need for limited fields. You also have enough ways to punish your Enemy with reading the game nd adapting to what he/she is doing. In terms of causing eco dmg via Wood. You have to do that earlier on, then you damage the food eco aswell. I mean i understand that it is in Aoe2 bc the Game has way less depth in how you approach the game, it needed such things. Aoe4 doesnt need that.


Hell no! Stop trying to chain-saw the game only chain production.

Game is already too much simple.

We realy need more complex automatic chain of production, like in stronghold.

Maybe we can add a simple mode for you, where there is only food has production?

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It is suposed to be a real time strategy game, that represent age of empire over time, in a historical and realistic way.

We gather, we transform, we live, we learn, we envy, we steal, we destroy, we do diplomatie to survive in a free for all world, where every one do what the want, until some one stop you.

So yes, we will figth for that wood requirement for farm, after each production of food.

It is very importent and we demand more things like that !!!

Or else…

I will make sure to destroy any farm you build and any food your worker will ever gather.

I will invade your city, over and over again, making you crave for food…

And i will deny it, every time you try to get some food.

When you try to buy food, i will destroy your market.

If your ally send you food, i will raid the caravan and take it for my self.

I take this wood cost, on farm production, very personal.

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Nah. Just make farms a wood-expensive 1-time investment.


I’m fine with it either way.

Not having field needing wood…

It would mean that village will only sit in base and stop risking theire live, outside the capitol, looking for presious wood.

People will stop exploring and there wont be tiny village ton conquer and invade.

It will always be the same interaction:

Build one big city and build one big army, in the hope of kill all enemy units and destroy capitol in process.

We will not be able to try to cut wood production, outside of city, that will normaly affect farm production and units production at the same time.

People will feal same and will not fear the higth pricing of wood of food.

They will be like, wy gater wood?

We will only need to mass farm behind our wall and buy any thing, what ever the price.

It was not like that in medieval time.

People figth for resourcess to stay alive.

Food sortage mean people dying.

Wood shortage mean no heating at nigth, and no ligth.

Stone sortage mean no strong defence. ( a stone wall is way harder the a palisade wall)

Gold shortage men that you can’t get the precious metal needed to arm your units or to buy resourcess you are in dire need.