Filter for maps doesn't work to randomly select a map?

Ok, I’ve been having this doubt for a while. When I select multiple filters over the map window (the filter on the right side) the map pool isn’t filtered for random play.

Let me explain better:

Let’s say I select two filters: LAND MAPS + COMPETITIVE MAPS and see all the said maps on the left. I suppose the match would also select a random map from that pool (i.e: a map that is tagged as both LAND and COMPETITIVE as displayed by the main screen when I filter my choices) if I DON’T pick up a specific map from that pool.

However, when I go back to the “set up match” screen, my filters are out. The maps are only selected if I click on a specific map by the main page. Therefore, I come to conclusion that there is no way to select a random map with mutliple tags.

Is this intended, is it a bug or is there a plan to make the filters on the right side work as a selection too somehow?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

You have come to the right conclusion. If you want a randomly selected map, you must choose one of the predefined mapsets such as “Standard Maps”. The filters are intended to help find a specific map, since there are so many now.

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Ok then. Thanks friend.