Finally, no other New civs was added in the main game -AoE IV

It had been promised that the devs would see to the addition of a native Indian civ, but it’s only 3 days left before release and there’s no news. The game won’t gain any market in S.Asia if they aren’t going to do anything about it.

“The Delhi Sultanate was chosen because they were a South Asian civilisation with a compelling history that spans the same time period as the overall era of Age IV. The Delhi Sultanate, like many other civilisations represented in the game, were invaders: in this case invaders which spanned the majority of the Indian Subcontinent during the Age IV time period.”

Oh come on, there were big civs like the Maratha empire and the Vijayanagar empire.
They have to do sth abt it.
Adding them in DLC would be boring instead of adding them in the main game.

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Not getting a celtic one either this game sucks socks for a living. Maybe wait for a dlc :thinking:. Give them a chance I am sure a lot of work had to be done just to get it launched in time and in good order.


Yes, people expected the Ottomans to be there and a many more. I talked to the devs and they said that they’d only come out in a DLC pack:/

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Yeah sure, you talked to the devs and the you decided to come and post it here 1111.

My wild guess is that eventually AoE IV will get some more civs. Not that many though


They would be adding new civs in post launch expansions , not hastily make a new civ . It takes a lot of work to make a new civ , especially in AoE4 where they not only have to do faction design but also research the launguage , music and culture of the civ through the Ages and it is wishful thinking to expect that they will add a new civ to satisfy the community .
Tbh I belive they had a idea for more Indian civs down the line which is why they named this civ as Delhi Sultanate , and not ignorantly call them ‘indians’ like they did in the previous age games .

I hope for ~25

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Well, we knew from the very beginning that it was going to be 8 civs, and 8 civs only. This has nothing to do with fans refusing to play though… Turks don’t have the Ottomans, the Japanese aren’t there, Vikings aren’t there, Africa completely is missing (yes Abbasids rules over parts of Africa but they’re native to the Middle East), and so on and so on. There are a ton of people who are not represented in the game and that is completely fine. There are only 8 Civs.

Now, if they make every DLC for the game Euro-centric, then sure, we can have a conversation about that.


Interesting exchange. Thanks for that.
Indeed there is a lack of other civilizations, but I think that is not a bad thing. Each faction is unique in every way, especially in appearance, which was not the case in other ages of empires. And so it takes a lot of work. And when you see the great work they have done on the current factions, I’m quite ready to wait to see more arrive with the same quality.

For India, I cannot speak for myself, I do not have a great knowledge of their history.

Apart from the Indians which factions would like to see you arrive soon.

Personally, I would like a Mesoamerican faction, (Mayas or Aztec) with Spain.
Italy with the Turks.

Looking forward to reading you.

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Italians/Etruscans/Actual Romans say hello too…

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