Finally we'll have new info on next AOE4 this year

This Is good new article from PC gamer:

I think Gamescom Will be the right place to share the First images and info on next AOE4


really nice! i am really interisted what aoe 4 is all about!

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It is great to read that Phil Spencer is impressed with Relic’s work. That comes as no surprise. They are an incredible studio and probably the only one capable of delivering on Age of Empires 4. The stakes are super high on this one. I can’t wait to see what they do.


‘They are an incredible studio and probably the only one capable of delivering on Age of Empires 4’


Looking forward to seeing what kind of MOBA-style DLC-stuffed trainwreck they make of it.

I doubt it will be that bad

Agree with Andy here. It is great to see the team throw the community a bone by letting us know more info is coming this year. Here’s hoping this prevents more AoE IV will never come or has been canceled posts.

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They made right decision by going with Relic to be honest. They are the only old-experienced studios left that can handle such project (Though i also think Grey Goo guys could do this too, it was AAA quality stuff, however now they are busy with C&C stuff). I have said this in past, and saying it again, and now even great Phil reinforces my belief.

Let’s hope not dude. I will really hate if they do this. But it won’t hurt to tell them this, while we remain optimistic about them not ■■■■■■■ up our only game.

I think you guys are confusing the Relic of old - the Relic of Homeworld, CoH and DoW - with the Relic of today… the Relic of CoH2 and DoW3. Now, CoH2 wasn’t a bad game, but it was designed from the get-go as a platform for this ‘games as a service’ nonsense; it had a badly received campaign and a small amount of single-player content, and was then bombarded with DLC.

DoW3 needs no summary - it was dropped within a year of release and all planned DLC was scrapped.

I doubt we’re going to see c2006 Relic at work here (most of those guys are long gone, and a couple are dead) and so we just have to hope for the best.

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Great but where is my AOE3 DE?


Its still in development.

Forgotten Empires is currently responsible for both AoE 2 DE and AoE 3 DE

You could say the same with the producers of Age of Empires. 20 years have passed i’m sure they don’t have the same crew they had back then. And if some AoE staff who made the first AoEs back in the 1990s are still working rn, I’m sure it has been emotional losing colleagues and then remaking the games without the past workers.

Well, you only have MS to blame. They folded Ensemble Studios despite them being consistently successful and award-winning.

Microsoft owned ES. Yes ES was shut down but most people got hired into other studios. Also my post was nothing about Ensemble

Also some info here: