Find it hard to tell if opponents units are upgraded

i feel like its plain and obvious in other rts games with this one i’m confused as to where it is in the hud when you click on the unit

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Yep no way to tell without comparing to your own units or memorising stats/looking up online.

There should be a clear +1 +2 etc.


I think I’ve only clicked on a few enemy units in a mirror to see if they were upgraded. Otherwise I just try to remember the differences in appearance. It usually doesn’t make a difference outside of the top 100 since this is largely a bigger army (with siege) wins game.

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i see what your saying, its not impossible to know their ‘pip’ status , im more talking about whether or not the attack or defense is upgraded from the blacksmith. Like if i’m +1 attack and +1 defense upgraded and clicking on their unit i can’t tell if they are +1 , +2 etc. or not

True, maybe modify the weapon or the way the unitf figth, if upgraded.

Could be a good idea.

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