Finding out unit speed, armor class, rate of fire, etc..?

I recently became a moderator at the Age of Empires Wiki. I’m trying to fill in the gaps of missing info as much as possible. Is there a way to find out the exact values that are mentioned in the thread title? I’d love to find this info without trying to “eyeball” everything, as it would take me an ungodly long time to try to find all this info manually.

Anyone know how to find this stuff?

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This app is great. You can also look for stuff in the advanced genie editor


The app’s amazing, but it doesn’t cover units that are more obscured. Such as the Ninja, Bandit, etc…

oh 11 you wanted it for scenario editor units. Then I guess you’ve no option other than genie editor. Its pretty easy to use

This may be one of the greatest programs birthed out by man. I can’t thank you enough for telling me about this. I’m now gonna be your clingy best friend. I will never give you space. Your life will be ruined. You cannot avoid this. Live with it.

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Wait, sorry. One more thing. Where does the editor state the rate of fire? I can’t find that anywhere.

Reload time is that.

Edit: this post is supposed to reply to you but it didn’t show to me that it was doing that. Wonder if it does now?

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Since you quoted him he should be notified anyway.

Isn’t that the same thing. :d

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Lol, deleting my comment I’m just totally crazy today, sorry

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11 it happens. :joy:

When you look at “archer (aoe2)” on the wiki, the attack rate says 2.03, but the reload time in the editor says just 2. Is there something I’m missing?

I was wondering that too but it still clearly is that option anyway. Maybe 0.03 is the fastest attack speed if you put 0 reload? Cause 0 reload would otherwise mean infinite amount of attacks instantly.

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The wiki has a bunch reload times with .03 at the end, this is based on very old and erroneous calculations. What you see in the data is the correct information.


Well good there was a clarification to that then. :smiley:

Does that extra 0.03 in the number still apply in the Definitive Edition?

It doesn’t apply to any version because it’s an error in the Wiki. Archers have a reload time of 2.0 in all versions for example.

Is there a way to view the sprites in the DE version of AoE2?

Using SLX Studio?

Sorry to keep question bombing, but is there a model viewer for age of mythology?