Finns civlization idea

The Finns could be an interesting civilization and would cover a huge void in Northern Europe - between the Vikings and the Ruthenians (now Slavs).

Civ concept: Total idea is taken from the balts civi in realms mod as I suck at making these.

  • Cavalry move 10/15% faster in Dark/Castle Age
  • Buildings +2 LOS
  • Knights cost -10% Castle, -15% Imperial Age
  • Fishing ships 15% cheaper

Unique units
Karelian - Skirmisher with attack bonus vs armored units

Unique techs
Hillforts - Towers cost -50 stone, outpost cost no stone (650w 100s)|
Suomenhevonen/Finn Horse - Scout-line move 5% faster and have +2 pierce armor (300f 250g)

Team bonus
Knights +2 attack vs gunpowder units

Civ Leaders

Possible wonders:

Arquitecture: Central European (shared with the Vikings/Teutons).

Historical background

Do feel to add your own ideas comments.No we dont need anymore euro civis is also welcomed along with why serbia should be added but not north american peoples.

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There is already an UT named “Hill Forts”. :thinking:


we already have cumans with faster moving cavalry.

this is basically berbers bonus.

this is italians bonus

isn’t this the name of lithuanians unique tech?


This would be a pretty bad civ overall. Bonuses are too one-dimensional. Fishing ship bonus would probably help a bit on maps like nomad, but otherwise a pretty weak civ.


I thought hill fort sounded familiar can be renamed to something else if the effects are ok.
My own ideas were to give skirmisher upgrades free monks in feudal age and lumber jacks no drop off but all seems kinda bad to me.
So any unused civi boniis that could be used?

I have a few wild ideas… they might be OP, but some more balance oriented people can maybe tone them down. So in no specific order:
+5% Villager work rate
Spearman line +1 range
Fishing Ships +15% cheaper, and fish last 10% longer

Interesting idea for UT:
Spearman and Skirmisher cost INCREASED by 25%, but two units are created instead of one when trained.

Idea for TB:
+25 starting wood (adjust if its too high)

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imperial unique tech: sauna


I actually thought of making the snowman the uu :joy:

  • Land units cost -10%
  • Foot archers +1/+2 attack in the castle/imperial age. (totally +2 but no 3rd archer armor)
  • Ships turn back 20% of wood after sinking.
  • Castle could garrison +10 units. (may be the team bonus)
  • Spearman/Pikeman/Halberdier is trainable in the dark/feudal/castle age. (may be the team bonus)


  • Ukonvasara: foot units and UU regenerate 30 HP per minute.
  • Piratica: galleon +2 range.

UU: Hakkapeliitta (weak but powerful light cavalry, 70F15G in 8 sec)
HP: 40>60(elite)
attack: 14>18, +6>+12 vs siege weapon
attack speed: 1.93
armor: 1/1>1/2
speed: 1.5>1.55
LoS: 8>10
upgrade cost: 500F800G

UU may be too late to be suitable I think, but have no idea what should Finn UU should be, sorry.

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extra attack is insanely strong for a bonus for archers, especially for free.


Wont this be too op?

Btw my uu idea is a ranged leitis so is that too broken too?

That is fine to adjust if you wanna adjust.
I never insist on my ideas which were stated in this forum, only saying what I wanna say. :grin:

Berserker can regenerate 40HP per minute after researching UT.
Before that, it regenerate 20HP per minute.
Anyway, you can adjust it as you like.

I mean all foot units becoming like the uu is a good idea?

I will leave it to be the UU of Nubians “Pitati archers” after researching the UT called “Archer of the eyes”.

“Ukko’s hammer was probably originally a boat-shaped stone axe. When stone tools were abandoned with the advent of metalworking, the origins of stone weapons became a mystery. Stone axes, so-called thunderstones (ukonvaaja in Finnish), were found in the ground, especially after drenching rains washed away dirt. They were believed to be weapons of Ukko, stone heads of the striking lightning. Shamans collected and held stone-axes because they were believed to hold the power to both heal and damage.” from the wiki page of Ukonvasara.

I just try to make the civ fantastic and reflect the culture as possible as I can.
You can do any other change as you want.

but that’s just one unit. and it requires melee, and requires a castle. this is ALL units.

depends on how its drawn up.

Since I regarded it would not be broken so I set that.
You dislike it, fine. Take it easy, I just stated an option, people have right to reject it absolutely.

self healing is unique by giving everything it takes away the uniqueness.
I wanted to make the first ut train uu in archery range to make them a dark age civi with goths and huns bit I think all archery range slots are full now.

I think that the Finns civ would be a pretext to create a new architectural style - Northern European, for Vikings, Slavs (Ruthenians) and Finns. This style would be characterized by wooden log buildings.

Finns civ could get Wonder from Slavs civ - Kizhi Church, which is located in Karelian lands. Slavs civ in this place could get another Wonder, which is more characteristic of Rus e.g Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv.

Your bonuses lack uniqueness very badly. Except for only one UT. I personally prefer unique bonuses.

I have zero knowledge on Finns. Are they a naval & cavalry civ? In that case I made one on my notebook with no civ name. Bonuses were :
TB - Docks provide +5 pop space. (Sometime better than Vikings)
CB -

  1. Fishing Ship carry +5
  2. Cavalry armor upgrades are free
  3. TC 25%/30% cheaper in castle/imperial
    UT -
    1. Castle fires 3 more arrows.
    2. Knight line +1PA. (This one was very weak and could be +1/+1. But now laughs in Sicilians. So change it to knight line regenerate).

Edit : My bonuses look like very weak. Adding a 4th civ bonus. Houses are 60% cheaper.

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Those are just Swedish kings. Rather find random Finnish warriors than to use this.

Doesnt make much sense to give a civ that literally has no fortifications of their own.

Also not even sure that Finns were that into cavalry. Probably more similar to our current Viking civ than to Balts. Honestly would rather have Dutch over this.

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