Fire attack on buildings! AoE 4


Immediately eliminate fire attack on buildings.
It’s terrible nonsense … Each soldier carries 50 sticks with wood which he lights and then throws on buildings :).

It’s a thousand times better normal weapon attack. The building can start burning anyway.
Everyone will understand right away.
When you take AoE 2 attacks on buildings VS AoE 3,AoE 4 attacks on buildings. Take a good look and think about what you like more and fits into the game.

A simple attack clearly wins …
I’m fully scared of the fire attack in the game.
As the soldiers drop their weapons and begin fire throwing fire at the buildings and vice versa.


I would ask if anyone can vote here on the attacks on the buildings.

Ordinary attack vs attack with fire.

Plus the insertion of samples of a normal attack and a fire attack on buildings.

Thank you

AoE III was way better as you clearly understoot that they were sieging the buildings. Also its nicer to see them throw fire into the building instead of hitting stone with a sword or spear.

Also AoE IV fire is different from AoE III. AoE III fire is purely esthetic and not actually fire, AoE IV seems to be going towards fire continueing to do damage, which is my main concern as that means you have to put it out and I really dont like such mechanics.

Thats a clear thing of, yes it is more realistic, but gameplay goes before this as it really sucks in a rts game like AoE to pay attention to buildings being on fire. You dont got time for that.