Fire Lancer Landmark sniping needs to be addressed

This is regarding team games specifically not 1v1.

This is probably an under the radar issue atm but incase you werent aware Fire Lancers do bonus fire damage to buildings.

Its absolute BS how quickly they destroy buildings to the point where you cannot even react and simply get eliminated within 10-15 seconds. This is a huge problem for Abbasid because you only have two Landmarks and cannot hide them. The Abbasid Landmark even has fire damage reduction and massive health and still gets instantly melted. This is also an issue for Mongols because they cannot wall and have no defenses.

Before some clown makes a dumb comment like ‘just wall lol’ thats not the point. I dont see how sending 20 Fire Lancers into someones base and killing 2 buildings within 15 seconds eliminating them from the game is in any way fair. You literally cannot even kill them before they snipe a Landmark unless you’re entire army is there waiting for them.


According to my experience this strategy can only be noob killer, I believe it will be better when ladder is on.

Yeah. The fire lancers need to be looked at. This is really only an issue right now in team games cause China has a tough time getting to yuan in 1v1s. But 40-50 fire lancers will pretty much wipe any army in 1 second due to the aoe damage.

Outposts with emplacements are underrated on team games.

I disliked the landmark win condition for a while during beta, but it has grown on me. Fire Lancers do have counters. I can understand the frustration that arrises from a landmark lose, but I believe getting crushed at any level is fristrating.

I used multiple castles with burning oil and my army parked under it and they can come in and torch the castle in < 10 seconds. I don’t know how great towers will be at stopping that.

Castles are weak vs armies. They can discourage raids, but will fall to any armored threat, even with full emplacements.

It’s best to build one or two castles at your base, while building spriegald emplacements at your towers for the rest of your stone income.

If you are facing Chinese, get a few spriegalds and mangonels to deal with their gunpowder. Naturaly if you are not getting rekt by fire lancers you will be by facing chinese bombards and hand cannoneers.

However i’d mention that multiplayer matchmaking is broken at the moment. One good player can define the whole match. For instance, a Delhi player taking all the sacred sites at the 5 minute mark. That’s a castle age win at 14 minutes if your allies are helping and half the enemy decided to eco.

The Chinese’s characteristic units and rewards need to be greatly and thoroughly revised. Their extreme design makes them less than most of the characteristic units and civilization rewards in 1v1 duels, but they are almost invincible in team battles. This is the design The result is not good. I hope to see a civilization that has stable combat power in 1v1 or in team battles, rather than such an unbalanced design.

Fire Lancers and Grenadiers have to be toned down a bit if the dynasty system is getting buffs. Grenadiers are too strong in 4v4s. Their HP needs to be similar to archers/crossbowmen to make them more of a glass cannon. Fire Lancers torch damage should be reduced, I think they do 3x the torch damage of regular horsemen.

I think the issue is the Abbasides and not the Fire Lances.

The Abbasides only have two Landmarks and because you have to build the second one in the first age even before aging up you have to build it close to your first TC.

This makes Abbasides especially vulnerable.

Maybe adding a Castle Age technology that makes the House of Wisdom immune to fire damage could be a solution.
Might be OP though.

Other solution would be adding an active/passive ability that makes it temporarily immune to fire damage but with a cooldown.
Say if someone attacks the house of wisdom with fire it activates a fire fighter ability that makes it immune to fire damage for 30 seconds but with a 5 minute cooldown. Or it’s a button you can click like the HRE emergency repairs.

This would be only for the house of wisdom though.

Other solution would be to make the other landmark invulnerable for 1 minute when one landmark was destroyed.

I think Mongols have enough ways to defend their landmarks. They can even run away with them. Assuming you have 3 landmarks when the Fire Lances attack you can just spread them out so the walking distance between them is too big to snipe them.

This isn’t specific to fire lancers. Knights are slightly slower but they can accomplish the exact same thing and you just need to properly defend landmarks against snipes like you build military in feudal so you don’t die to a rush.

Its not clowning to suggest players use defensive structures to defend their base.

In order to get a fire lancer unit for Chinese they first need to build 2 Castle age landmarks. That’s more 1200 food and 600 gold.

With that inversión of money they even don’t have the fire lancer, they need to create it. With all that amount of resources spent you can make a lot of lancers or other units. Think about it.