Fire Lancers rework

I know there are already some topics on this but I think this is so seriously broken feature so it should be reported much more.

Unit on itself is okay and I have nothing against it in terms of anti-unit capability


Chinesse players making like 100 horse horde of those and just running across the map and wiping enemy(or allied) landmarks is just not funny at all.

Yes u can say just make walls u nub. Well … yeah as RUS player mostly its on point to make wooden walls which are melted literally without even need to stop. Whole STONE castle is ruined down in like 5-6 seconds … like really? Is this how this unit should work?

To some another high IQ answer - yes its very ez to wall off on some maps which are completely open and to waste xxxx stone only to avoid this cancer-strat.

Only option to stop this is to have army on your base. (in best scenario 4-5 mangonels). But if enemy is at least a bit smart he will wait untill you are elsewhere. It completely ruins what u expect from AoE battles - some yoling fire lancers around the map - yes this is what I came for.

Solution? - reduce DMG against landmarks

  • Forgot to mention

Considering my ELO I should be in top 2% of playerbase in team modes so this is not only issue of some City simulator 500 ELO players but usable strat. on some maps where u cannot build walls

not a bad idea, they could also simply reduce their torch damage in general, and buff them elsewhere to make them better in more circumstances… for example reduce torch damage and buff anti siege damage and they stay as effective v siege

FIre lancers are incredibly effective vs any army to be honest. You just have to use them correctly which isn’t super hard - charge, run away, charge again, do it 3-4 times, everything dies due to their exploding aoe charge damage. It just refreshes too quick. I’ve had whole armies of royal knights die to fire lancers.

This happened to me in a 1v1 actually. I was totally surprised and caught off guard, hadn’t seen this unit used before. Fire lancer mass just melted my army. I guess spears are supposed to be the best counter? But the explosive aoe damage and speed of them makes spears fairly useless.

By checking its unit’s stat I’d say, movespeed is okay even under KTS, they got an okay pool of HP for a slow light cavalry but a kinda good DPS 1.04s for 11 dmg, not bad at all specially if you add the bonus damage on range so they’re basicly better horsemen.
I think the solution should be to slightly reduce the torch damage and maybe 10-20 HP less, like that will be easier to deal with them on mangonels, archers or even KTS build.

Now also check their price, and their price when the imp age landmark is around them. They are close to being free, and very fast to produce. Also the exploding damage on charge is what makes them too good. The area damage is hard to calculate but in huge armies (80+ vs 80+) they really shine.

Bracing spears stops the charge damage and they aren’t any tankier than regular horseman. Also fire spears are very expensive to go too, you basically get them instead of going imp


Well, if the guy reach Imperial and got 100 fire lancers when I’m pretty sure that guy started building them since Castle age, I think you did something wrong, maybe you turtle too much or something.

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