Fire ship getting stuck on land

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  • GAME BUILD #: November PUP
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Fire ship getting stuck on land

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  • Less than 25% of the time / matches I play (RARELY)

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I don’t know how exactly but it involves putting a lot of ships near the shore line.

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Ship not getting stuck

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SP Replay v101.101.56002.0 @2021.11.13 105515.aoe2record (15.7 MB)

lol the ship got beached! It happens every once in a while, makes the game more realistic! :smiley:

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Hi @Szaladon !

We tried to reproduce this issue but we couldn’t u.u

Also I tried to load your replay, but it finishes at min: 0:40, and your picture seems to be of 1:01. Maybe you have other save game?


SP Replay v101.101.56002.0 @2021.11.13 105515.aoe2record (15.7 MB)

One Drive Link:

Moment where it happens:

It is probably related to having large group of units near the shore line.

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Aw we can’t repro your issue u.u

I will pay attention in the next days to see if it happens to me too.


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This bug is present since the original game. If too many ships (or land units) are too close each others and you move them, sometimes some land units goes on water and are stuck, or ships goes on the land and are stuck too.

Often this is only one unit per bug. It’s really rare but it’s possible.

(One example of this bug is the cyan castle in Tamerlane mission 2 “Gurkhan of Persia”, if you put units in the “water cyan castle”, when you release them they are stuck on “water”)

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Hi @Szaladon !

I just wanted to let you know that another used reported something similar, we are now tracking this issue!