Fire throwers not receiving 2% hp buff from home city shipments

As the title says I noticed the fire throwers don’t receive the 2% hp buff from home city cards despite being maltese units.


Is true… here’s a picture of it:

I’ve sent lots of cards… but they don’t give hp to fire thrower.


It is Intentional. :slight_smile:

Really? Surprises me because it’s a very weak unit considering it has 2 pop.

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its a gren that doesnt suffer the infantry curse and has multi like a skirm, if anything it could be busted

It is 2 pop and has 20 more hp than a crossbow and costs 50 wood and 75 gold.

It does slight less area damage and has less range resistance than a gren but has 4 more range. It’s also 80 hp lower than a gren.

It’s only good point is it functions somewhat like a skirm and melts heavy inf, and thank god it doesn’t have a heavy infantry tag. I see no reason it doesn’t get the passive maltese buff, it’s base hp is low anyway, it’s only gain 2 hp per card, very unlikely to break the unit.

considering it has 40 range resist, i think it not being able to stack hp buffs is a good thing cause even if they cost more the more buffs there are it gets exponentially harder to kill

I sort of get it but even if you send all 25 cards for 50 extra hp, that 50 hp only becomes 70 with 40% range resist and I feel it’s hp is on the low side for a 2 pop unit even with it’s 40% RR.

I mean that is also on top of the other stuff it can get as well like normal vet upgrades and combat cards, it apparently is also a gunpowder trooper, meaning it is also affected by the advanced arsenal upgrades surprisingly

Also i just tested this but after imp you can resend some cards again and they also grant the hp bonus, so it can get to the range of like +100hp, which with 40 resist is +150 hp which is significant

its a unit with range splash and decent attack animation, i would rather be conservative for now, we can change it later.

We don’t want another incan bolas situation

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Yeah I guess so, it suffers the same fate as the grenadier in most of my games though with that being it’s not worth a foundry just to make them.

They should get the bonus its a maltese unit.

Can confirm this, it seems weird to have a unique Maltese unit not affected by the “Maltese unit” effect, especially considering the Sovereign Order of Malta card does include them.

If it’s really a balance concern can always bring their base health down slightly.