Fire Towers

As an additional effect, it would be cool to have Greek Fire unlock Fire Towers. Fire Towers (as they are currently) are extremely defensive buildings with low range (5).

This does not take anything from the civ, so it’s not a nerf.

Current stats of the Fire Tower:
Range - 5 (affected by Fletching line upgrades)
Attack - 7 melee (unaffected by Fletching line upgrades since it is melee attack)
HP - 2250 (same as Keep)
Rate of fire - 0.25 (same as generic Fire Galleys)
Armor - 3/9 (same as Keep)

Attack bonuses - +25 vs buildings, +10 vs Ships (both regular and fishing) and insignificant attacks vs Spearmen and Camels

In practice, this buildings melts Ships and Rams.

I really want to see this building, and I found Byzantines as an ideal civ for this: Greek Fire, only 1 UU, no UB, Defensive civilization.


i dont think having towers which kill rams is a good idea


While interesting, I definitely don’t agree with the stats. Since it is same as generic Fire Galley, the attack is meant to be small for a reason, otherwise how can you actually kill those towers? Especially in Castle Age, where Greek Fire can be researched? And having such a big bonus vs buildings means it’ll just demolish anything it is built next to. The inaccuracy of Fire Ship is also less pronounced as buildings are larger.

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I didn’t create these stats. These stats are already present in game files. Also there is a reason it has only 5 range.

i like the idea of giving byzantines and greekfire UT something and unique building are always cool for me so yeah. it would need to be balanced more i think, but i would be all for it, but a AOK civ that get a new UB or something like that is unheard

mongols got steppe lancers…that’s a regional unit, but still

mh, that’s true indeed

anyway, i’m all for expanding byzantines since they should basically be the most advanced civ on the planet and the greekfire element should be more relevant

Teutons got the armor bonus, Mongols got steppe lancers, Saracens and persians have completely new unique techs, Turks got the pa bonus and goths got the loom bonus.

Not really unheard of.

And there is a reason the building in game is not… y’know, buildable. In multiplayer. 5 range doesn’t matter when you can build the tower in range of anything and it just demolishes everything. Especially when it’s affected by Fletching line upgrades!!!

Not everything in the editor should be given to civis, looking at you flaming camel.

It will need a new model. Fire Tower and Keep look identical.

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I think this building is ok the way it is. It’s good as a scenario only unit. There are lots of crazy units in the scenario editor that should not touch competitive play. Leave them to scenarios.

If someone is not satisfied with the stats of the building they can simply edit them with triggers.

I would also like to let the allies able to build Fire Towers once the player researched the Greek Fire.
Fire Towers have many regional set so it would be a shame that only the Mediterranean set has a chance to be built.

About the balance, maybe its cost would be different from the regular tower, or the stats would be adjusted. The Blacksmith cannot benefit the range of Fire Tower so it could be weak against Mangonel.

tbf, you always have other options to destroy those towers. Byzantine themselves are very weak when it comes to land offensive options. And their defensive capability is fine but not that amazing to offset their weak offensive options. So I think it’s fine for them to have the fire tower.

However, I would actually reduce their melee armor (maybe even give them negative melee armor of -2) , so that melee units can destroy them easier instead of spamming ram.

It would be great for them to have fire tower as UB but I would nerf their melee armor down to negative value like Ram and siege elephants.

in castle age? like what?
i build a castle and a fire tower next to it and suddenly this is completely untouchable. the firetower takes out rams and the castle everything else.

if this was only an option in imperial i think it could be balanced

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well I did say the melee armor needed to be nerfed to negative value. Anyway, I assume if they get to build fire tower, then the tech should be switched place with logistica, so you can only build it in Imperial age.

negative melee armour would just lead to people surrounding them with a layer of walls, as is already common for towers

i was talking about UB or UU, now about new bonuses, which the only new addition for real is the steppe lancers for mongols

I’d rather see their range reduced to like, 2 or 3 and become unaffected by Fletching.