Firelancer better then siege

title says it all. Team games ruined and boring now. just mass firelancer and 4 cannon to break the walls. Firelancer melts anything and so cheap to make so there easy to replace.


Whole China needs nerf. They have so many landmarks. Its easy for them to snipe your landmarks. They can hide one landmark at the edge of map. Not to mention the speed and other dynasty bonus they get.

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I’m sure the devs will be patching them in the next update.

For the time being, it’s just a matter of outplaying the other team or feeling miserable about the spot in your defenses you forgot to watch.

Maybe OP FLs are a good thing if they force us to play better. Then when they’re patched, we’ll have a better time overall.

Right now its just play china or get rolled no matter what unit you got. I tried it myself and did a fast castle build with China. Then made nothing but firelancer. No other upgrades just firelancers. Then control A to there base and win. Such a joke

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Does it work every time like that?