"First major update" what does it mean?

The fan preview specified that we are receiving the “first major update” to the game and talks about the americans. But I’ve noticed that they didn’t mention it as an expansion or DLC but as a " major update", so it makes me think we may be receiving something more on that date. My guess is that, along with the new mechanics for the US, they are going to revamp or add mechanics to the european nations to get them up to speed. I’m considering this as they already had a patch last month that made balance changes to all civs. Also, can this be the patch that adds customizations for all remaining city states? It bothers me that the US is releasing with customization options when we have Home Cities that don’t, so fingers crossed. A new campaign or historical scenarios would be nice too.

Of course, “major update” could mean anything, but they did mention the african “expansion”. So what are your guesses? Are we getting something else or it’s going to be just the new civ?

Seeing as you have to pay to unlock the US it’s not an update but a DLC. And yes, you can unlock them for free for a limited time only if you do the challenges, but that’s a limited time offer, not the natural state of the faction. They’re still a DLC, not a free patch.

I’m hoping this ‘First Major Update’ means we will be seeing more than just the US as well. I think peoples concerns over the US could be reduced if we see something for the Europeans.


Drongo has mentioned the saloon being changed. Maybe it’s just a renaming and a reskin, but maybe there’s more to it than that?

I hope so. revamping healing, current age 2 upgrades, walls/defenses and hell, maybe even a large scale meta shift would all be welcome.