First person viewing ideas for AoE 4

I think First person viewing is what has been missing from Age of Empires. It gives me jitters just imagining how AoE would look from first person view.

A place where you can be a unit and go to war, those war horns, sounds. Imagine a server ( for example an FFA regicide ) where kings as players discuss diplomacy in first person over voice. Or join war. Bragging about their army, trading units in game in a FFA ( Transferring owner ship of a unit group over to your ally is never seen in AoE idk why )

Would be amazing if I could experience being in a ship battle and see my ship being fired upon by projectiles and see the ship sink (same for my opponent )

AoE4 could also have different viewing angles for different units. So an elephant has a higher line of sight for war in Wars , while an infantry unit has a lower line of sight. Hills blocking the way of what army the opponent is having.

You could be a scout too . So Co OP would be so fun. Your mate builds his base in 3rd person view and you scout looking for army and so on.

The game could take a minecraft cum AoE 2 DE theme . Where once the base is built , you can just walk around as king. There could be a king snipe mod where you could send hitmans to kill human players ( kings ) and avoid snipes from AI or 8 other humans in a giant castle with many walls .

First Person opens 100’s of new categories in Age Of Empires , maybe a good source of revenue for Microsoft selling these DLC’s as a supplement tto the main game ( Like Unity does )



Although I like the idea, but I think AoE and first person battles would and should be two different games. There are games like mount & blade or mordhau that let you battle in medieval times. In RTS time is of the essence and so far, the AoE games were not known to be very tough on hardware which means many more people can play even on potatoes.

I like the idea of seeing a person in first person, but probably controlling different units is too much effort. Would just be a nice feature, if Relic doesn’t neglect other important things because of that.

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Great Idea !

Many Roleplaying Games which exist in paper form could through the AoE Visual Engine come to life for Online gaming groups. Armies, castles etc.
AoE3 had marvelous scenematics, terrains etc, so it could be an alternate field of marketing.
If VIP game-license enables ‘Hosting’ IP unique lobbies for non-game licence users.
Its still just an idea.
Make the gridnet appear and tabletop games could sprout within the midieval genre.

I like the idea as well! One of my favorite games, Rise and Fall: Civilization at War, is strategy game similar to AOE, but you can go into “Hero Mode” and play third person mode with a hero (Caesar, Alexander, Cleopatra) and lead the battles yourself.

If they did aoe 4 with first person elements people would get too mad about them changing the game too much. It would be a completely different game.


For tabletops, is mostly about having access to premaking maps, dropping images, adding and editing images, having LoS. FoW and multiple users, and hierarchial player statuses. Its a really cheap ’add-on’ to enable by contrast to stabilising Civs & managing anticheats etc. roll20 & fantasy ground are the current leaders within tabletop atm, I think.
The both playerbases would barely interact in the slightest, as Local Lobbies or alike aren’t placed on Multiplayer.

It would require a free- ’Recieve’ platform for the ’joiners’ though.

Ancestors Legacy, Total War, Sea of thieves and Mount and Blade bannerlord, these games do everything that you ask for. I have had the same wish ability to play this game in first person, seeing the approaching army from distance. I have a feeling your wishes will be answered soon.

You can´t compare those games with age of empires in a reasonable way, they have little to nothing in common with age. 1st person can´t work without changing the core orientation of the game towards military management and dumbing down the economy part to a bare minimum. I would really doubt it that the devs even would think about 1st person for more than a second.

Just imagine how age2 has to change to make this work. Having time to watch a 1st person battle means having no time to manage other areas of the map very well + its far easier to control a larger amount of units faster from eagle´s/top-down perspective.

Even Warcraft 3 reforged has this ability, it’s just an eye candy feature, not one for gameplay. RTS is supposed to be top down. And Ancestors legacy is proper RTS.

ancestor legacy is a real time tactics game.a bfme copy.good campaign but not so competitive

I think having the ability to not only use a first/third person view ability, but also to control the character in first/third person view mode would be very nice to see.

we had already such game

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War

check video on youtube, after 8 min you can see, there can you change into ego perspectiv
the game is by the way free to have, just google it

I don’t know man. I don’t think it’s a kind of a game that can have such feature. I would not hate on it if it’s implemented though. But I really want Relic’s full attention on preserving the gameplay and AOE dna.

God yes!

I’ve been dreaming about this. I can’t see how it would be that hard to implement.
Also from a practical point sometimes I can’t tell my bombards/springald line of sight so it would be helpful in that regard. But just scouting around or playing against the AI or in Campaign would be so much fun.

Some people have mentioned a few older games that have this feature, or games like Bannerlord, but I would love to see it in AOE4 which is highly polished and immersive in a lot of ways. The sound design for example would complement a first-person view.

I actually enjoy playing this game zoomed in all the way. I’m seriously considering getting the console version to enjoy it on a controller.

And yes, I enjoy the aspect of the game that is concerned with being as fast as possible and maximizing efficiency and I do play the ranked ladder.