First Poll:Would you Jacobite rebellions only on British civ’s revolution civ

If Devs has to Jacobite rebellions British’s rev civ,But I would rather have invest the money Jacobite rebellions Not willing to invest in Middle Eastern civs,This is a good suggestion, according to Devs have to Cossacks 3’s dlc:Guardians of Highlands’civ Scotland It was to resist the British invasion of Scotland by the soldiers have highland charge Thus becoming famous
Simple example below:

  • Yes
  • No
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Would you like to Jacobite rebellions only on British Civ’s revolution civ with Cossacks 3 Dlc’s or the Scotland in AoE3

As a result, it seems that we are gradually supporting Devs to further improve and perfect their skills Jacobite rebellions British’s rev civ Only then can we do it :slightly_smiling_face:

I just want a Scottish and Irish revolution. I want Tudor and Stuart Royal Houses even more.

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Players, please support us in voting! Let Devs go from slowly to support Jacobite rebellions British’s rev civ ’s project, right :smiley:

Hey man! I don’t know enough about the Jacobite rebellion to know if it should be in the game or not but making the same post again and again won’t make the devs add it


Guy,You Don’t vote against it, I haven’t making the same post again,learn to vote in favor and learn, You must to understand Jacobite rebellion’s History This way, I’m just posting to let Devs know my opinions,Devs will definitely add their :smiley:

Our first vote failed. Unfortunately :disappointed:, Players all oppose the posts I posted, it’s okay. Let’s have a second vote next time :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly would prefer English Civil War (Roundheads) as a unique age 3 revolt for Brits than the Jacobites. Makes more sense.

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No, I feel like Jacobites Should be more suitable age3 revolt,But roundhead Should be more suitable age2 revolt Devs Can we support the unique revolutions of these two British civilizations and create them

I’d prefer Roundheads and Cavaliers as age 2 politicians rather than a revolution.