Fish Trap

The Fish Trap is an economic building in Age of Empires II that becomes available once the Feudal Age is reached and a Dock is built. It provides 715 food. It can be constructed by a Fishing Ship, which is also the only unit which can collect food from Fish Traps. Only Fishing Ships can lay the foundation for a new Fish Trap, but if it was laid near the shore, the player’s Villagers can also construct the Fish Trap.

What do you think of adding a building similar to AoE3? How would you design it?


Mmm yo lo que estaba pensando es que podrian agregar caladeros de peces que se rellenen con el tiempo, osea que sea como los cajones suecos de alimento que obtienen comida mediante pasa el tiempo, y lo que tengo pensado es que los bancos o caladeros de peces hagan lo mismo, pero que sea de forma infinita hasta un tope de 2500 de alimento y con una velocidad de relleno de 5 de comida por segundo (eso si cuando estan siendo recolectados no se rellenaran)


Late game fish food source like a mill.

Is cheap (100w) but slow infinite source of food. 5 fishing boats can gather from it at a time.

Can be deconstructed by a fishing boat and then constructed somewhere else at no extra cost.


If we want to make things simple, there could just be another fish type that’s slower but infinite. Make it really big like whales to differentiate it from the others.

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eu tinha dado a ideia algum tempo sobre a opção dos aldeãos pescarem na beira de praias ou em pequenos lagos existe muito mapas com esse potencial, seria muito satisfatório ver os aldeões pescarem. sobre a armadilha de peixes seira muito interessante a mapas que acabam todos os peixes e não a baleias, o que acaba acontecendo ter que deletar os barcos, mais em vez de deletar o barco poderias construir uma armadilha e ter a animação de ficar se movendo em volta da armadinha para dar uma pausa na coleta assim como os moinhos seria mais justo ou apenas parado com a taxa da coleta mais lenta

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I don’t want aoe2 on Aoe3, aoe2 is a past game for me.
Here’s how I think.

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This is just to make sure late game you don’t have to delete your fishing boats because there’s no fish in the sea.


I prefer the sea now, you have to calculate how much you have to invest in it, how many boats you have to make based on the total amount of fish and how many boats will go on whales, how much the sea will repay you for these resources over time.
I don’t want to see Japan always dominate the sea and have additional economy on the sea, it’s embarrassing.

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When the fish run out you go whaling.
Those lanterns need their oil.

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The problem is that not all maps are designed to guarantee long-term fishing.

On maps with oceans, there are almost always whales, but where there are no whales, there should at least be a way to fish infinitely on these types of maps.

On maps with rivers, lakes, and ponds there should be some long-term feasible way to fish without completely depleting production.

There could be several ways to do it, but I think that for the Europeans there could be a technology or card called Aquaculture that would grant fish. There could also be schools of fish that act like whales, but they would give food instead of coins, and they only allow 2 fishing boats at a time and would be infinite.

It doesn’t make sense that in maps like the Amazon, great lakes, the Nile river, or the yellow river, the fish are completely depleted.


I think that’s a map issue, If some sort of ‘whale’ was implemented like how Turkeys (sheep) were put in aoe2.

Or maybe a few undepletable fishing spots as you suggested.

If the Fish Trap could not be a buildable stuff, maybe we could make the Fish Trap a building wagon on water, and allow players to sent it from Home City by an Age I infinite card. Every “Fish Trap wagon” could be unpacked into a big building on water that allows 3 fishing boats to gather food on it.

If we want more, perhaps this Fish Trap could switch between food or coin mode, and the name would be something like “Crab Trap” or “Oyster Farm” when it choose the coin mode.