Fishing boats no longer collect fish after a while

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I had a problem with some fishing boats in recent matches that the fishing boats no longer collect fish. Even if I click on new fish stocks nothing happens. But this problem only occurred with some boats not all.

Has anyone of you also noticed this? Am I perhaps doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help.

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Happened to me as well in a team game on Danube River. It was totally weird, a couple of fishing boats (ca. 4 out of 12), stopped gathering and appeared as idle vills.
I noticed that they were full with fish, after I manually gave the command to sail back to the dock, and with SHIFT to go to nearest shore fish, it was fine. I remember having to do this 2-3 times with different ships, after that the issue was gone. I believe it might have been an AI routing issue, where it did not “find” the dock automatically? But not sure.


I’ve noticed if the original dock they’re built in is destroyed they have trouble finding the new dock and will insetad just stop collecting

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Thank you very much for your reply. I will try this next time.

Interesting. There seems to be a bug that the developers hopefully can fix soon.

Did your fishing ships need to sail over a river crossing??

I had this today in a matchup on mongolian hights, first and only dock i had, sent 3 ships across the river crossing to fish over there, but they idled after they were filled up.

(would be cool (and important) if we can find out about this one, what is causing it)

In my case they not sailed across a river.

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