Fix BROKEN Elo Team matchmaking!

So I am all up for penalizing for avoiding matches. But fix the god damn elo matching system!!! We are Diamond 1 and playing with another Diamond 1 and we get freaking paired with Conqueror 3 and Conqueror 2, I mean more than a COMPLETE LEAGUE what the actual Heck is this!!! and then I get penalized via ban because I do not want to play a match where we will mostly lose and then we are punished because of that. WHAT IS THAT REASONING!!! FIX your ELO matching system is horrible! I know some matches we also have advantage and cannot be perfect, but heck why more than 4 leagues, I have never had also going as Diamond 1 vs a Plat 1 or Gold 3, this is so unfair, either fix or allow avoiding in clearly unfair matches


The matchmaking works in a simple way. An average team score is assigned and try to find another team with the same score. Every 30-45 seconds the score gap widens more and more. If you stand in queue for a long time you may find a conqueror or maybe a silver team.
The system is made to let you play in the shortest possible time. I understand that being against a high-level team can be frustrating but always better than standing in queue for tens of minutes without playing. Better to lose and try to learn something, than to stand in queue doing nothing

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You need to look at the ELOs rather than the ranks. On AoE 4 World, the ELOs are shown in the section on the left titled “Ranked Matchmaking Elo”. Ranks can differ from ELO by hundreds of points in either direction.

Having said that, you might still have had the same complaint if you had looked at ELOs, as diamond ELO is getting into a fairly small percentage of the player base so it becomes much harder to create games with a narrow ELO spread. There are massively more players in gold and plat so they’ll generally see a narrower ELO spread.

I am not sure if this is correct as I do not know. But doesn’t feel like it, I have been paired vs higher elo by quite a difference and lower it does not go past plat3 2, I get what you said about widening the search if that was true I would find these matches after 5 minutes or so to be able to get to conqueror 3, this is not the case, I’ve found matches instantly vs conqueror 2 or 3 and I am not that rank. Yes I have won and learnt but it’s frustrating to always have a clear disadvantage, I have played one just to lose get on searching and then again another duo of conquerors. I mean it does not feel good, I like a challenge but team games are for fun too getting a 3v3 with 3 conquerors and we diamond and then a gold or plat1 is no where near a good experience, and you can’t even learn anything as the tempo and play style is completely different

I get this and my Elo is no near conqueror 3 or 2, so my frustration is why am I getting matches with those Elo, your point if low players does make sense and I think you are into something there, but I am almost certain the quantity or conqueror players are way lower than diamond players, so by that logic I shouldn’t be getting paired with them, and more over if it is such a huge difference Diamond 1 vs conqueror 2 or 3 (i think it’s not even close sometimes) and it becomes frustrating, then I get punished when I decide I don’t want 5 loses in a row and avoid another conqueror duo (please bear in mind they are different duos too not the same ones) so I feel like i cannot play team games, this also does not happen at least not as bad in 1v1 matches

Are you looking at the ELO or the rank? Here is an example of someone with Conqueror III rank, but their ELO in 3v3 is plat:

So a plat could get matched against that player in a 3v3 game and they would only see the rank of Conqueror III, because that is all the game ##### ##### ### their ELO is actually the same as theirs.

No this does not make sense because they are conqueror in team not in 1v1. I understand the elo in 1v1 can be different that is not what I am talking about. In this case yes they are conquerors and ELO Plat in teams but he is also plat team, it makes 0 sense I am plat/low diamond and going vs a team that are conquerors in team too. in that picture tell me how the match is fair? and it was not at all

And in here I know you could says but his elo but be different, unfortunately I did not get a picture of his Elo in team but they add me as a friend and his elo is team is way higher, and I get punished for leaving…

I can see you’ve definitely been having a run of bad luck with the matchmaking. That team of 3 all have higher ELO than your team, an average of 216 ELO per player.

But you’ve also lost some games against a pre-made 2v2 team:

and that does show an example of ELO being much lower than rank, in that situx is conq 1 team rank, but only has 1167 2v2 ELO, which is actually lower than yours. That doesn’t mean it’s a fair matchup, as they are clearly better than that, so maybe Relic should look again at whether it’s sensible to totally separate the ELO ratings in each mode.

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Try being in gold 3 and getting put against a 3 or 2 stack conq 1-3 every 3 or 4 games.

just leave and requeue after 2 minutes

Thanks for the amazing ### #### How did that never occurred to me before??? damn now everything is fixed… Man if that fixed the problem I would not have done the post, some people…

What did you gain by answering me like this? If you are so frustrated, change game or do other thing for your health.

I can use the exact same logic for you. What did you gain by answering like this? btw not sure why “response” and “insightful” got ####, if you don’t add anything just keep it to yourself :smiley: